Wednesday, August 7, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers, Stephen Preston... Sharyn Bovat's Computer CYBER ATTACKED.. Suspects are NISSAN Execs, Tagg Romney & Stephen Preston... The Attack Happened Same Time as Preston Nomination Being Put on Hold... Same Day Bovat Blew The Whistle on Mitt Romney Fueling the Iranian Economy and the CYBER Attack Happened a Few Days AFTER Sharyn Bovat Leaked to Baker Donelson Lawyer Brigid Carpenter That She Had DATA on Current NISSAN Employees That Were ABUSED. Danny Glover and the AFL-CIO This is SCARY.....

Thank You Senator Mark Udall....

Senator Places Hold on Top Defense Department Nominee

Daily Beast-Aug 6, 2013
Stephen Preston, the current general counsel at the CIA, was nominated in June by President Obama to be the top lawyer at the Defe

THERE IS NO REASON TO HARM SHARYN BOVAT... ALL DOCUMENTED TEXT CONVERSATIONS ARE GONE... except for some Screen shots and they are on the "web"....  The attack was "on purpose"..... 

Below is an email I sent to Brigid Carpenter the NISSAN lawyer basically to show her and Silveman that I had the information documented.

This email NOW gives NISSAN motivation….They destroyed everything… so they did not have access to this program… It's scary… For a while I felt like the NSA re reading a lot of conversations.. I wish I had copies of the one with the Union guy… and the guy that brought me cars to look at.  It's sad.  ALL the proof is missing.  I did make some screen shots.  Just by having the hacking it proves NISSAN is scared.  Either NISSAN or Tagg Romney:(:(

Luckily I have back-ups... Had to buy a new computer and picking up the "victim" at the Apple Store.
It's SCARY!!!  Was told to tell the people in the Intelligence Community and find out 'how' it was attacked.  Hopefully an IP address will detect the person/group that did this.  



Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: Reid ...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Update…… 
Date: August 3, 2013 3:46:06 PM CDT
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>

A while back.I was given help with a special program to save communications to prove they happened.

Below is between Fleur Stanbrook and me ( The Queen Counsel lawyer's daughter that went to the AP editors conference and asked WHY my story was not told. ). She was really nice and I do miss not having a friend.. She's the only person I could talk to about personal stuff... Well it's good I was silent cause I've decided to give it all to the Feds after James Comey takes over.  FYI- I talked to the FBI Nashville office a while back and they knew about the Good Ole Boy network and did NOT want to touch it... It was commuicated to me that Comey will be different.

A long time ago I dated one of the FBI guys that "hunted Bin Laden".... His friend reached out to me a few months ago... So maybe with Comey in charge I have "hope" that a criminal investigation will happen.  

When you Google the incoming head of the FBI my picture "pops" after Valerie Plame,

I just want a normal life...It's a beautiful day and I'm stuck in the house having to go through ALL these conversations...

A Huff Post investigative reporter said he'd look at it....

You'll see that Fleur Stanbrook wanted the Lockerbie Truth exposed.

 Wow... Just realized I text conversations from current NISSAN employees that were abused too.... I really need to thank the guy linked to Al Gore for helping me with this....  These conversations might help me get a job. 

OK here's the conversation is between me and fleur.... 

This is between me and the woman who immigrated from IRAN in 2002 That I met from a NISSAN Execs wife.
I never responded to her... Something did not feel right.

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