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David Reuter - I Have NOT Forgotten About NISSAN Fraud This Weekend.... It's Just the Haslam Stuff is so JUICY.... It's ALL Connected... Working on a NEW Introductions and NEW Website Coming

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary
18 hours ago - Cleveland Browns Owner Linked to George Soros Via Tom IngramAssociation - Mitt Romney's Kid W

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in 2009 when I did the relocation for Carlos Tavares a NISSAN Motors board member & incoming president of NISSAN North America we spent 3 days together look at homes and I toured he and his wife around Tennessee  Carlos Tavares is from Portugal and during a car ride I told him I'd been there many times and my first visit was in 1974 during the Carnation Revolution. Ooops.  Tavares was related to the Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates & a few weeks later I was told that NISSAN hired a LOT of "ex CIA"... from the NIXON era.  I was accused of using an "alias" all I was using was my "married name".... anyway... that is how I was "outed" ...   

It could have been kept a secret BUT after I told Tavares about discrimination and fraud  NISSAN HR put me in a global computer system as the companies #2 Security threat due to my CIA past. Being electronically labeled a spy is SCAREY. What's strange is I was labeled a "spy" but this was done in AMERICA - the problem is NISSAN is a foreign company.  After they did that to me I got mad that they got American taxpayer money... over 1 billion - they do business in Iran and I'm the person they call a spy...not fair. 

That is how my 4 year ordeal started.... The reason WHY it's "out of control" is the CIA stuff.... stuff that I had no control over..... 

Michael VIckers of the CIA was in charge of that project & he has a relative named Cal Vickers that works at NISSAN - I was friends with Catherine Perez the highest level woman at NISSAN and John Martin BOTH were VP's and both had close business relationships to Cal Vickers.
Also I was never a real spy - just a friendly fixture.   Because of my DNA I could go places and "fit in"...complicated. I never did espionage.

   During Operation Cyclone America gave weapons to Muslim extremist to fight the Russians.  

Sadly the people the CIA sold weapons to became Al Qaeda. When it was known that the extremist were "turning on America" people got scared. When Eddie disappeared and left mom that cryptic message on her answering machine he went to Central America.  He came back to US for the 1st time that people knew about in 2007.  He died in 2008.   

Eddie "most likely" did NOTHING wrong.  He was a pilot that was considered CIA.  So was dad.   Had dad not died he too would have done Operation Cyclone Gun running.  World Airways had different crews and each was given different levels of "sensitivity".... this was verified and then Silverman knew a a few years ago.... He was the Bed Bradlee winning editor at Gannett and had access to sources to verify things.  ONLY I'm writing in this email that which is ALREADY in the public domain. NOT until I heard that Eddie was dead did I blog about Cyclone. 

Also- I met Oliver North twice and one time he gave me a lecture about loyalty & I never spoke about stuff UNTIL they started jailing me .. even then I NEVER 'outed" people I worked with.  

Just to let you know- I was asked on multiple occasions about Uncle Bill.  I never said ANYTHING... I do not know much about his work. I was asked to contact him & told to try to meet with him and I said NO.  I knew he would not tell me anything and I did NOT want to put him in an uncomfortable position.  I knew that I was being bullied in the courts because people wanted me to "break"... I blogged about a LOT but I did not break.   

These are text messages between me and Mark Silverman... remember he's the 2010 Ben Bradlee winner - an award from the National Press Association. 

One more thing - Catherine was the "ex" mistress to the CEO Carlos Ghosn.  She told me a lot of stuff because she had a crush on me.  I needed a job so I went to dinners and events wth her.  She promised to put me in charge of relocation.  Luckily I save her emails and notes.. She gave me lots of gifts.  I never had sex with her.  It was just flirtly.  I'm not gay... again i wanted a job.  I'm not perfect. The fact is the FRAUD is real and she's the one that told me NISSAN had a "cash flow" problem and that is why they took the 1.4 Billion Dept. of Energy loan... She was incharge of ALL of purchasing ... She knew NISSAN did not have the cash to pay it's bills to they took American money that they can't pay back.....

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