Saturday, July 13, 2013

***COURT UPDATE*** Sharyn Bovat CONVICTED By a Jury in February 2012 of a Class C Misdemeanor = to a SPEEDING TICKET. Basically 12 People Spent Their Day Watching Williamson County ADA Terry Wood Persecute a Woman Who Was Arrested Because She Complained NISSAN Discriminated and Wasted Taxpayer Money... Sharyn Bovat Has an Email PROVING She Went to NISSAN to Ask for RESPECTFUL Treatment of Her References - That Was NOT Happening AFTER She Whistle blew..... Bovat Was ALSO Jailed TWICE for a Crime That Does NOT Exist - She Was "Selectively Persecuted" and NISSAN Paid a Lawyer Names Joe Baugh Who Participated in the Court Appearances. & Had Court Appearances for 19 + Months... For a Crime That is = to Speeding Ticket ( A LOW Level Ticket) 34,000,000 American Get Tickets That are = to the Misdemeanor Sharyn Bovat was Forced to Fight in Court for 19+ Months.

Most Tennessee traffic tickets are classified as a Class C misdemeanor (e.g. Tennessee Speeding Ticket), other violations carry more severe penalties and are classified as a Class B misdemeanor (e.g. Tennessee Reckless Driving) or even a Class A misdemeanor (e.g. Tennessee Reckless Endangerment). The following are general consequences which may occur if you are convicted of, or fail to satisfy (pay or otherwise appear in court), a Tennessee traffic citation

Do you thing that 34,000,000 people accused of a "low level " misdemeanor would have to endure ALL the stress that I had to?  

Do you think that 34,000,000 American would become "unemployable" over a misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket?

The ADA  LIED.... I've got proof..  

  1. Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?: NISSAN Whistleblower ...

    Jan 14, 2013 - NISSAN Whistleblower Tells ADA Terry Wood That He's Wrong. ...Terry Wood the ADA said I did not mention the Leaf "prior" to Oct 2010.
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  2. Judge Jeff Bivins & ADA Terry Wood I Want the TRUTH. Why Would ...

    Apr 16, 2013 - Jan 14, 2013 – NISSAN Whistleblower Tells ADA Terry Wood That He's Wrong. ... Terry Wood the ADA said I did not mention the Leaf "prior" to ...
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The  Gannett owned Tennessean REFUSES to print a story about me being abused in the courts. 

Why did the state allow for the whistleblower to be bullied?

Good News the Governors Famiy Business is UNDER the Microscope... I hear that Diane Black is nervous....  

The Green Fraud is REAL - It's bipartisan and the "ripping off of America" by greedy corporations is getting EXPOSED!!!

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary

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