Sunday, July 14, 2013

*** UPDATE*** NISSAN Leaf Scam Being Exposed.... Bill Krueger and Scott Becker Should Go to Jail for FRAUDING AMERICA How Can There Be a Leaf Shortage.... Smyrna Can Build 150,000 a Year... RIGHT?

The Above comment PROVES that America is "Cathing On" to the NISSAN Scam.....

Justice Means Jailtime for NISSAN Execs

NISSAN - Why is their a Leaf shortage.  YOU built global capacity fo build 500,000 of them a year,

Smyrna can build 200,000 batteries..
Why don't you give people "detailed" tours of the battery plant.  Show America HOW you spent the 1.4 Billion.  OMG!!! You only sell 2k a month and Smyrna "can't" make them?

Huh-  Guess it's true they really cost about 60+ K each to build and NISSAN loses money on each sale..... NISSAN never wanted the eLeaf to succeed... ALL they wanted was the FREE taxpayer money.  One guy told me "if it's a success were bankrupt... If we have to pay back the loan were bankrupt too...

Ya'll wanted the politicians in your pocket to "write off " the debt... YOU selfish greedy fraudsters  are getting CAUGHT!!!

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