Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dan Gilbert is Senator Joe Manchin Gonna Ask DOD Nominee Stephen Preston WHY as the Top CIA Lawyer He Did NOT Complain About NISSAN Fueling The Iranian Economy ...Even After he Know That Ex CIA Connected to Drug Trafficking Were Scamming America with an Electric Car Built with 90's Technology. Sharyn Bovat Told Darrell Issa Staffer She LOST Respect for the Congressman for Being a Hypocrite & Protecting Crony Capitalist. Also Exposed the Tennessee Governors Family Business as Fueling Iran & Abusing the Judicial System

  1. Want details Call Sharyn Bovat  615-944-7599

    Google "Haslam FBI" and do an image search.... People know the TRUTH about Tennessee Good Ole Boy cronyism... Darrell Issa needs staffers that "care about America"

    Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: Jimmy ...

    Jul 9, 2013 - Jimmy Haslam's Company Does Business in IRAN Via CVC Capital Partners. The NISSAN Whistleblower Was Raised By a Family That Participated in CIA Gun ...
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  2. Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: The Haslam ...

    Dan Gilbert Joe Manchin's guy seemed OK

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