Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Lamar Alexander "Faking It" When He Praises His NISSAN Leaf? - On National Orgasm Day I'm Telling The New Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz that When it Comes to Batteries Women Want "Range".... The NISSAN Leaf Does NOT Perform The Way They Told Congress Told Us- We Were Told 100 Miles Per Charge- The Leaf ONLY Rated at 73 Miles Per Charge & Some Publications Say The NISSAN Leaf ONLY Gets 58 Miles Per Charge... On National Orgasm Day I'm Saying It's Important to Be Able to Get to Your Destination....Anthony Weiner Should Be the Spokesman for National Orgasm Day? ..... As Martha Stewart Would Say... That's a Good Thing:):)

  1. 10 Best Movie Orgasms

    Daily Beast-6 hours ago
    In honor of National Orgasm Day, July 31, The Daily Beast presents the best orgasm scenes in movies, from Meg Ryan's diner shrieking to ...
  2. 8 reasons orgasms are overrated

    Metro-10 hours ago
    It's National Orgasm Day 2013, as sponsored by Someone Who Wants You To Buy Their New Range Of Vibrators. Ah, nothing like a ...
  3. National Orgasm Day: Everything You Need To Know To Improve ...

    Huffington Post UK-4 hours ago
    National Orgasm Day: Everything You Need To Know To Improve Your Sex Life ... We've pulled together some key facts about female orgasms.
  4. National Orgasm Day: Experts Reveal Everything You Need To ...

    Huffington Post UK-3 hours ago
    We could bombard you with stats about how many women in Britain have never had an orgasm or find it difficult to have one, but why start on a ...

  5. O wow - what a day to celebrate

    Brisbane Times (blog)-by Katherine Feeney-1 hour ago
    Come one, come all, it's National Orgasm Day! A day when we pause to consider the meaning of, well, orgasms, and ask vital questions such ...

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