Monday, July 29, 2013

Senator Chuck Grassley Wants to Make a Whistleblower Appreciation Day.... Sharyn Bovat Wants Him to Also Co Sponsor a Covert Operative Family Protection Act.....

WASHINGTON, July 29 (UPI) -- 
Sen. Chuck Grassley introduced a bill Monday calling for a National Whistle-Blower Appreciation Day to honor those who expose government waste or misconduct.
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It's about time!!!

Some say Whistleblower "might" get RESPECT.  NISSAN took over 1 Billion taxpayer dollars via a Dept. of Energy loan funded by the Federal Financing bank.  NISSAN fuels the IRANIAN economy.  NISSAN used a taxpayer backed IDB bond as collateral.  Many people can't get FOIA requests returned.   When is NISSAN gonna "man up" to taking American $$$ that they can't afford to payback?  If they could afford to pay it back "someone" would have told me.  Scott Becker and Bill Krueger "if" your going to pay it back have Brigid from Baker Donelson "tell me".... OK?

More on the Covert Operative Family Protection Act Soon.....

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