Monday, March 18, 2013

Team Tavares: I Know You've Said the Code Word I'm Ignoring YOU.... It's Been Almost 4 Years & I'm Cranky.

The Renault boss Carlos Tavares said that he has driven the car personally himself. He races regularly with the Renault cars. He has been using old and new cars for years and he knows exactly what the car has. The car has no faults and there is no mechanism about the car’s performance so far. 

He also said that the company was looking to make cars for all kind of people. He wants to produce cars that are easy to drive and friendly to all. He will look forward to making it easy for drivers to handle these cars but for that he will not change the ethics and the pedigree of the cars. He will never go into making mainstream cars as that is strictly against the company’s ethics.

I suggest Ghosn announce his retirement NOW!!!

Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower whose been suffering in the Tennessee courts on trumped up charges meant to discredit her was asked while fighting the charges "if" she wanted to date Al Gore.   Sharyn thought it was a joke.  Why would he want to date a carpool mom whose being bullied by a Tennessee Good Ole Boy Network.  Sharyn had been blogging about the need for the EV and Energy Independence.  She blogged that she had done research in the past for operatives connected to Karl Rove and Sal Russo  - Sharyn comes from a family connected to the intelligence community.  Sharyn knew that there was a cover up in reference to the crash of Pan Am Flight 103.  It's painful knowing things and not being able to talk about them.  People communicated that Al Gore was a big fan of her writing. She's not a real writer... just her thoughts.  Still Al Gore must have connected with her on some level.   Please Watch.... Why would Al Jazeera pay fo much money for a network that had less viewers than one of Sharyn Bovat's blogs.  Why would they spend 1/2 Billion for a failed USA Network with now recognizable on air talent?  It must be that they know the TRUTH is going to come out  The power players in the Middle East need a venue to tell "their side"   They need to say WHY.    Nothing else makes sense.

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