Monday, March 18, 2013

I Told People a LONG Time Ago That I Learned Men Accused of Being Spies Were INNOCENT By a Person Connected to BLACKWATER....."creepy"

I Also said that when they used the word Blackwater I "thought" they were connected to a WINERYThank god for google

FYI - I left the IC life in 1993 and to be candid I never kept up with the newbies...

    read my blog dedicated to Dianne Feinstein for the latest...

Scott Becker & Bill Krueger I KNEW Mark Stout and Marlin Chapman were just stupid pawns that stemmed from racism and greed, what's your excuse.  Bill Krueger your smart and I thought ethical.  Scott Becker your just a "team player".....  Greg Kelly's Dick Cheney... maybe someday someone will give YOU a new heart.  Maybe then will you tell Baker Donelson to mediate.  What your doing by abusing the court system is destroying America.  I'm NOT greedy.  If I was I would have took the check Mark Stout offered me a LONG time ago.   What I want is FAIRNESS originally for women and NOW for the Lockerbie victims.  Boys stop sleeping with Hezbollah and make America your priority.  Maybe someday people will wake up to the fact that NISSAN deals with terrorist.

A friend of mine whose dad participated in the “Bay of Pigs” confirmed that the men were innocent and in mid January 2011 then I sent a LOT of people at the French consulate emails telling them that the 3 men at Renault were INNOCENT of being spies and cc’d reporters from all over the world & I started a web site on January 14th 2011 
Even worse officials from Sarkozy’s administration (the French government) accused China for “stealing secrets”.    
I (Sharyn Bovat) could not be silent after seeing a French foreign minister make accusations against the Chinese that I knew were FALSE.   He said that Renaults Electric Car program was compromised and that China was “stealing” technology.  Soon that changed to China stole “the business” model.  
A Reuters Article said that “China denied involvement”. 
SPECIAL REPORT-Renault's spy scandal   Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:15am EST
I’m the first person to say that China has “issues” with violating America’s copy write laws BUT I know the Chinese are a brilliant society and “stealing” Nissan’s technology from the 90’s made absolutely NO SENSE.  Also, my daughter is from China and it hurts the reputation of those of Asian descent & I was told that one of the men accused of being spies worked in Tennessee in the early 2000’s he was an engineer type and NEVER would have spied.  He was “loyal” to Renault which HR did not like because they considered themeselves “NISSAN”.   So the global alliance at Renault/Nissan is not 100% peachy ...  at least in Smyrna in 2004.  I have a friend whose husband is an engineer in the auto industry has a high moral character that was described to me of the French engineer.
Also In January 2011 I paid for a press release saying I “thought” the men accused of being spies were connected to me & I feared they were innocently accused, and encouraged a quick investigation.
Had I not been 100% accurate I would have had “egg on my face” & NISSAN & Renault executives would have had me discredited.  Instead MORE people started telling about “issues” of fraud happening at NISSAN.  I got “credibility” from knowing they were innocent and people at Renault contacted me “thanking me”.  Nobody wants to have their company “falsely” accuse people of being spies.
Nissan Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat is Speaking About: Carlos Tavares, the NISSAN Leaf EV, the Renault Spy Scandal  Franklin, TN (PRWEB) January 31, 2011 

From: Sharyn Bovat
Date: August 2, 2011 12:30:53 PM CDT
To: "Silverman, Mark"

So the French "anti tank" missiles being sold to Lebanon will be used to kill Jews. Israel is an American ally.

Carlos Ghosn & the French  support the Lebanese pro Hezbollah gov't.  The French do a LOT of business with Iran.

Currently Iran send weapons/resources. To Iraq/Afgahnistan to KILL our troops.

I knew from my research work years ago that Lebanese businessmen connected to the French were used in Lockerbie cover up.

After I became a whistle blower I went back to using Bovat (maiden name) and then the people I knew back in the early 90's that are currently connected to Ghosn (people involved with Iran Contra)  knew that " I REALLY" knew too much.   Well I did not know Ghosn was directly connected to the cover up until about a month ago.  (this is my wll "thought" out opinion & I want the US Congress to question NISSAN CEO under oath about Lockerbie and  connections to the French gov't that led to his 'multiple' promotions)

When learning that "the dots were finally connected".

NOW I can explain how a relocation consultant was jailed 3 times in Tennessee.

It's about Oil-$$$-Power


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