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Carlos Ghosn Took Advantage of Al Gore - Why is it that Republicans are Better When it Comes to National Security? Why Do Americans Always Have to Save the French? Why is Carlos Ghosn STILL the CEO of NISSAN?

Al Jazeera Documentary Indicates that IRAN Responsible for Lockerbie Bombing.....

After watching the Al Jazeera video it's CLEAR that America NEVER would have allowed for the sell of Current news network to Al Jazeera had the documentary/newscast about Lockerbie made in May 2012 had it been simply "false" propaganda.

Think about this Al Gore knows whose responsible for the Lockerbie crash.  The trial "wrapped up" early when it was deemed Gore's loss in 2000.  Charges of conspiracy dropped just so the case could "rest." 

Al Gore already had over 100 million dollars and no matter what you think of him - his family came from a family that was prominent politically.  He never would have committed "treason" although I do think he committed an act of greed.  The sale of Al Jazeera was "most likely" a pay off for him as a source of compensations because he learned he was "used"... 

Senator- based on my web stats I can show that he realized that the EV was a False Flag operation by people in the Middle East wanting to secure their economic and security future.  

Below was posted today:  
What's the NEW evidence showing that Libya might NOT be responsible?

"...The (Libyan) Prime Minister was asked if the investigations proved Libya to not be responsible, especially after new evidence that has emerged, would Libya ask for compensation for suffering at the hands of the international community and especially the UK and the US?  He was very diplomatic in giving his answer and said: If the investigations conclude that Libya wasn't responsible and we were wrongfully convicted, we will deal with that situation there and then...."  Mohamed Eljarh is a UK based Libyan academic researcher and political, social development activist. He is from the city of Tobruk in Eastern Libya. Follow him on Twitter @Eljarh or email to:

I learned during a luncheon featuring Daniel Glaser of the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorist Financing & Financial Crimes that by using the SDN list that America can INSIST on Respect for ALL People-It's like a bloodless drone.
Lockerbie email below..I've included a few others.... BOTTOM-LINE The mainstream media KNOWS a cover up happened.  To be candid my BIG issue with Benghazi is that the Obama administration messed up a cover up that ONLY involved 1 country unlike the the Bush admin in the 90's that succeeded in a "multi" continent cover up.  HELLO  experience matters. I apologize if that comment was insensitive.  My goal "right now" is for the TRUTH to be exposed too many unethical people that profited have destroyed the lives of too many people (excessive profiteering)  & with the advent of the internet the truth is going to happen. Lets give the families involved PEACE.    Sharyn 

FYI- People connected to BLACKWATER told me stuff... I had NO IDEA what BLACKWATER did a few years ago.  Literally I left the IC world in the early/mid 90's and DID not keep up.  I"M SCARED!!!!    Yesterday I was "freaked out" that this angry guy was going to hurt me.  Someone has to tell the NISSAN CEO to STOP the bullying of me.  Just tell the truth about cronyism and Lockerbie.  That's ALL I'm asking for.  Thank you.

This email was included in a brochure that was sent to members of congress in the summer of 2011.  A member or congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's staff named Rachel personal told me it was viewed. 

From: Sharyn Bovat
Date: August 2, 2011 12:30:53 PM CDTTo: "Silverman, Mark"

So the French "anti tank" missiles being sold to Lebanon will be used to kill Jews.

Israel is an American ally.

Carlos Ghosn & the French support the Lebanese pro Hezbollah govt.  The French do a LOT of business with Iran.

Currently Iran sends weapons/resources. To Iraq/Afghanistan to KILL our troops.

I knew from my research work years ago that Lebanese businessmen connected to the French were used in Lockerbie cover up.

After I became a whistle blower I went back to using Bovat (maiden name) and then the people I knew back in the early 90's that are currently connected to Ghosn (people involved with Iran Contra)  knew that " I REALLY" knew too much.   Well I did not know Ghosn was directly connected to the cover up until about a month ago.  
(this is my well "thought" out opinion & I want the US Congress to question NISSAN CEO under oath about Lockerbie and  connections to the French govt that led to his 'multiple' promotions)

When learning that "the dots were finally connected".

NOW I can explain how a relocation consultant was jailed 3 times in Tennessee.

It's about Oil-$$$-Power


I knew 3 men from Renault were INNOCENT because I had good intelligence.......

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