Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Email to Tavares Sept 2009.....

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Mr. Tavares,

Sir, I don't like internal battles of control..... I could fight the injustice  because I'm  a product of my environment.

Growing up my vacations included protest, manifestations & revolutions. When being questioned by a military official in the Azores  about what I was doing in Lisbon.... I was 9.  I remember saying "sir, I REALLY wanted to go to Disneyland"....   That said.

I'm ready for this battle to be done!!!

I think you and happily society won....
is it over?

:) Sharyn

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Mr. Tavares emailed me DIRECTLY in Feb 2010......
In June 2009 I was declared the #2 Security risk for NISSAN.

Do you want me to post the email about ISRAEL.  I knew they were connected in November 2009.  Shai Agassi and Ghosn "played" the taxpayers like a fiddle. Oh that sounds so Tennessee.  What ever happened to the Better Place CEO?

I was right about the Internal Battle for Control- I was WRONG when I told Tavares in Sept. 2009 that I thought society had won the racism, corruption and cronyism in Tennessee is alive & strong.

above copy of court transcript ....If your a reporter and would like to view the ENTIRE trial
call me at 615-944-7599

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