Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Found Some Texts That Link Al Gore to NISSAN. I'm Scared!!!

I did email Al Gore's office and the United Nations about getting a grant I need to work to pay my legal bills.  Maybe I'll get the CIA job when the sequester thing ends?

Dear Al Gore & United Nation Elite via the Generation Investment Management LLP:

First of all I want to say that I'm reaching out to Mr. Gore via the Generation because those that work or have worked for the former VP are terrified I'm going to "out them" for being matchmakers. I want to say that is NOT an issue. I've already told a lawyer connected to Mr. Gore about the issue and i'm sure that is resolved.  For the record  I'm done with ranting about Mr. Gore and my personal life & now I'm focused on Congressman Tom McClintock. .  The reason WHY I keep blogging and submitting ideas like this for grants is because I'm waiting for NISSAN to "give me my reputaion back & for the Lockerbie Truth to be told.

ALL my text messages from my "ex lawyer" that he's requested in an interrogatory question will NOT be released.  If I'm jailed by a Good Ole Boy judge who finds me in contempt of the court for NOT answering questions that could hurt Mr. Gore I would hope that if the bond is less than $300,000,000 he will pay my bail.

Here's an example.  FYI - my ex lawyer is "most likely" connected to the CIA.  He also said Ronald Reagan was gay. 
when i responded that the honorable Mr. Gore was "icky" I was joking:):)   So please do not use that as a reason to deny my request for a "grant".... I need to work to fund my "legal defense fund".... Getting justice in America is NOT free. 

OK - Here's the pitch: 

The Washington Times articulately says the Electric car is NOT good for the planet.  It's NOT good for the taxpayers to.  This email is to NOT complain about the Electric Car being a complete waste of taxpayer money. It's a way to reach out to those that promote the green agenda and to create a bi-partisan delegation to represent the views of global warming believers on the front line of the opposition.

Republicans are PRAGMATIST and we're thrifty on how we spend taxpayer money. Still that does not mean that some GOP'ers can't believe in Global Warming. In fact some do BUT they are too scared to admit it.  My goal is to change that.  

I've created an educational project that combines green thinking with Free Markets and personal accountability. Part of the program includes informing those attending GOP conferences conventions about the issue of Global Warming. Because republicans ONLY listen to other republicans this is a challenge. It takes a BRAVE person to attend an event like CPAC and 
hand out brochures about having a "healthy planet".... 

I think with my experience and access to college aged republicans I can staff booths at ALL major GOP events.   


Sharyn Bovat

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