Thursday, January 24, 2013

After Danny Glover Accuses NISSAN of Inhumanity - the French Accuse NISSAN CEO of Blackmail.... I Love Google Translate!!! Jon Brancheau... Ready to Be Served?

CEO of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, rejects accusations of blackmail site closure in case of failure of negotiations on an agreement competitiveness. Asked Thursday morning surFrance 2, he explained that he wanted an agreement to persuade partners to produce in France.

"We are not saying today, we want to close the sites, by cons, can be avoided by doing this or that, he said. We are not saying that. We are saying we want an agreement competitiveness. In this discussion, there is work to do, there are also liabilities of the company on the other side. However, these commitments the company can not be held as soon as efforts are to (...) We can not say we agree on commitments, against the efforts that. .., "he said.

Asked about a possible blackmail, Carlos Ghosn quickly replied: "No!" He was annoyed to see this accusation arise "whenever you apply." In such a case, "there is no negotiation," insisted the CEO.

A document management presented Tuesday to staff representatives and distributed by AFP says yet again: "A default (note: agreement on competitiveness), the commitment not to close sites can not be held and site closures are inevitable. "It indicates, in addition, under the chapter heading "Issues of an agreement" and that "the commitment not to PSE (Backup Plan for Employment) is not tenable." Wednesday, walkouts have occurred in several factories Renault's call unions, including the CGT.

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