Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sharyn Bovat Wants Mediation- But Prepares for War. That's What Hawks Do, they Expect the Worst. So Far The Worst is What Sharyn Bovat Has Gotten.

  1. Nissan Whistleblower: The Tennessee Taliban "Good Ole Boy ...
    Jun 7, 2012 – Auto executive Greg Kelly the SVP of Human Resources globally forNissan & the Renault/Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn's right hand man: Greg ...

    After NISSAN "outed" me for working with CIA operatives - then in summer 2009 I sent Mr. Tavares an email telling him that Oliver North taught me about loyalty.  The NISSAN board member even emailed me after that.  

    Please look at the date that I sent Kline Preston the man that told me "December 2012" that he was the brother of Stephen Preston the CIA General Council.  Last week I got the Client file after he withdrew as my lawyer and he had done NOTHING.  He let a "trumped up" misdemeanor go to a jury trial.  He did NOT get the discovery that I requested.  

    Recently the DA lied in his affidavit and the NISSAN legal response is basically that what he lied about is irrelevant '  ... NISSAN wants to be removed of ANY liability from the malicious prosecution against me.  Mean while I have a email from November 2009 saying I knew the "internal battle of control was about the electric car".... also that the Good Ole Boys did not believe in the need for the EV.   

    To Show Relevance.  I'm Going to Connected the NISSAN CEO to CIA Backed Drug Trafficking Using Some Personal Photos. Including a Man Who Was Director of Prisons for Honduras- He was Accused by His People of Corruption and Torture. The CIA Was Able to Get Him Released from Jail and Put Back in Charge.  He Helped  Drug Cartels that Funded democracy projects
    .  Another a Palestine Man Who I Met in Kuwait Who Was "Most Likely" the Man Mentioned in the Recent SCCRC Report.  He Was a Currency Broker in 1992- & Most likely the Assistant of the Man that Dealt with the 10 Million from the Iranian National Guard (That Money Was Given to Blow Up Pan Am Flight 103). 

    Another Picture of a Lebanese "Journalist" that I Met iN Bahrain (Really a Broker for Arms Connected to Drug Trafficking).  

    All Three Men Told Me in Three Different Countries That They Had Met Oliver North.  Coincidence?

    The fact is Jim Morton - Carlos Ghosn's "right hand man is connected to Lee Atwater - via Tim Brett.  Jim Morton is a big supporter of Jim DeMint. Jim Morton did the deals with Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr.  Jim Morton- Did the deals with Haley Barbour.  Marsha Blackburn is Connected to Sal Russo - Whose connected to Jim DeMint.  Kline Preston my "ex" lawyer that did NOTHING - sent me text messages saying Ronald Reagan was Gay (done while I was in Tampa 'RNC' convention),  He should up at the end of a dinner party.  He asked the host later that night - "what" I talked about with the woman I sat accross.  Then he texted me months later the woman was a "bad" Mossad agent. 

    He texted me his Brother Stephen Preston was the top lawyer of the CIA, this is AFTER I was told to go to an ABA conference in DC for National Security and who was on the panel STEPHEN PRESTON.  I never would have known UNLESS I was there. Kline Preston had a conflict of interest.  In Fall 2010 I told him Iran was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.  I showed Kline Preston emails Carlos Tavares the NISSAN board member sent to me.  I asked SEVERAL times for the security tape and it was NEVER asked for.  He did NOTHING to defend me.  

      His "brother" is up for a BIG Obama  appointment. & Kline Preston does NOT tell me thais for OVER 2 years.  It's clearly a conflict of interest because of the Lockerbie issue.  What's more upsetting is I sent him PROOF that I traveled and Kline too travels. He does a LOT in Russia and I learned he must be connected to the CIA based on his "classroom" time their in the late 80's.He did NOTHING after he filed the malicious prosecution case. 
    His so called "brother" is up for an OBAMA appointment and I whistle blew about he Pet Project of the President & my lawyer does not disclose the conflict of interest?   My lawyer did not tell me he was connected to Marsha Blackburn UNTIL I asked him.  My lawyer did NOT do the job representing me to him ability.  NISSAN files a motions saying that my request for a "continuance" is not just. 


     Had I NOT "caught on" then the state would have dismissed it.  The courts are so corrupt in Tennessee the probably will dismiss it (I have to represent Tennessee NOBODY will work with me because the Governor is corrupt.   I'm not singling out Haslam- I've learned ALL in Tennessee have been corrupt. 
    Marsha Blackburn votes against hurricane Sandy victims BUT voted to give a foreign company over 1 billion dollars to build a car with outdated technology- is on the Energy Committee?   

    The courts still have people connected to the KKK controlling them.  It's terrifying.   It's a "who knows who" society and the judges that are appointed are connected to the Good Ole Boy network (mafia) that dominates Tennessee.  I'm getting ready for an appeal... Turns out ALL appeal oral arguments  will be ONLINE & then I can have the atrocity happening in Tennessee DOCUMENTED. 
    What happened to Sharyn Bovat is Called Racketeering.... Can Someone Investigate?

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