Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bright Found the Smoking Gun & Bitchy is Writing the Motion. Bold is Writing a Press Release.

The legal team discovered the 2nd and 3rd arrest were "pure" harassment.  

The 2nd arrest was harassment on NISSAN's part.  Bovat had asked her attorney to "sue" on that and he didn't he said he could sue on the 3rd arrest.  That then allows NISSAN the opportunity to "get off the hook" because the 3rd arrest was from a Grand Jury indictment.  Still it was NISSAN that hired Joe Baugh who handed over the emails.  The emails were NOT illegal.  

The affidavit from Rob Trayham states that he handed her a letter  in April or May 2009.  That is NOT true - he handed her a letter in July 2009.  Bovat did receive 2 Fedex packages in June telling her to take her blog down. That violated her "freedom of speech" Also Mr. Tavares kept email Sharyn until Feb. 2010.

The charges the 2nd time were "trumped up".... their is NO justification for the Williamson Count DA to even see the emails.  The bond order the Bovat signed was just to "stay away from NISSAN"  never mentions her not contacting anyone.  It does not say she cannot email.  In fact - Bovat's attorney did NOT catch this... or maybe he did?  The DA did not catch this....or maybe they did? Joe Baugh did not catch this... or maybe he did?  Bovat will submit a motion that shows that NISSAN is JUSTIFIABLY responsible for her malicious prosecution. She will add the State of Tennessee and is mulling over adding her "ex" attorney.  

The ONLY concern Bovat has is she had a sporadic Bimbo encounter with a member of congress and told Kline Preston in an email. Adding him to the lawsuit would allow that ALL communication with Kline Preston be available.  That is the ONLY thing she fears getting out otherwise any other communication is fine.   Because I've been terrorized I put EVERYTHING on the blog. Adding Kline Preston to the malicious prosecution by putting it in a motion would make it public.  As I write this I could feel the "wrongness" in putting that man whose a member of the Christian Coalition through publicly being "outed" as an adulterer.  Therefore I will simply proceed with a different avenue against my "ex".... lawyer.  I might have the "California Morals" that some in Tennessee say makes me a sinner-still when it comes to protecting the taxpayer-Ya'll I'm a fucking saint

 It looks like what I was told was RIGHT. Maybe soon people at the Brentwood Baptist Church will be praying for the Good Ole Boys doing time for racketeering.  Mark Stout - Joe Baugh- Scott Becker- Tracy Woodard- Jon Brancheau & others Federal time is 85% served.  

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