Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is Saikawa Getting NISSAN and Tavares Renault? Message to Greg Kelly

Some Advice for Charlie:

Sir "if" YOU stopped sleeping with your female executives YOUR personal life would be better.  Think about it....

From the Wall Street Journal: 
Ghosn brushed off questions about succession plans for his job, but said that he doesn’t expect Nissan and Renault will appoint a joint chief executive next time they choose a leader. While running two companies simultaneously is “stimulating,” the difficulties are considerable, especially for his personal life, he said. “For me it’s tough,” Ghosn said. “Every month you’re moving from one continent to the other.”

Evidently Ghosn has been "stimulated" by America's Stimulas money... In the end America is gonna get SCREWED by NISSAN.

The Japanese man pictured behind Bredesen is Saikawa:  Greg Kelly wants him to be the CEO and I bet he will be: based on the "recent promotion" of Greg.  

Greg Kelly I wish YOU well.... Just get NISSAN to Mediate & STOP dealing with Iran: Sir, How many of YOUR boys served in the Middle East?   Seriously.... Stop playing games with National Security and use your balls for the "greater good"....  Thank You.

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