Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Email to BGR Asking Them to Lobby a Bill (to be created) that would STOP members of Congress from Becoming Lobbyist for 24 months AFTER they leave office: It's to protect America

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012 4:24 PM
NISSAN Whistleblower Asks BGR to Lobby for America: Lamar Alexander "Most Likely" to Become Lobbyist in 2012 After He Leaves: Tomorrow He Might Start Representing Nuclear Power Instead of the People..... Coal is an Energy Source America Needs Sharyn Bovat Wants Haley Barbour to Lobby Bill that Would Not Allow Politicians to Lobby for 24 Months AFTER they Serve... (Governors NOT Included).

Video footage of NISSAN VP dodging Questions about NISSAN's deals in IRAN
Video about Discrimination at NISSAN
Video about Matt Kisber & Reagan Farr being corrupt
Video about Mainstream Media Ignoring Fraud


Hello BGR!

This is Sharyn Bovat I made this to support the Coal Industry & working class America I made this video

Lamar Alexander Who Do You Represent "K" Street of the People from Tennessee?   



I HATE what Lamar Alexander stands for "HYPOCRISY" that US Senator is a BIG Crony Capitalist:

Can we get a law passed that says ANY member of Congress (House and Senate) may NOT be a Lobbyist for at least 2 years after their term expires.  Seriously... I know ya;ll love Trent Lott.  Still America would be healthier if such a law were to pass.  Let's get Mr. Barbour to speak about it on the Sunday talk shows?   Seriously, I'm serious.

My feelings for Mr. Alexander are HARSHER than Mr. Barbour.  The Mississippi Governor is TRANSPARENT: for that I say Thank you.

FYU- In 1992 I had to spend a day with him and a friend of the late Marvin Runyon told me LOTS.
Evidently he's become corrupt the last decade or two....Anyway: the day after I sent some powerful people in DC some information on DOE fraud connected to the NISSAN Leaf he stepped down from his leadership role. My "issues" with Lamar Alexander are VERY personal. He is one of the crony capitalist that wanted me discredited as a whistle blower.MORE whistleblowers in history have been persecuted under the Obama Administration

Guess you could say I'm having my "Fried Green Tomato" life moment.....

I'm OLDER and have more insurance. Also I told former Tennessean editor Mark Silverman of Gannett 100% Lamar was NOT running for reelection.People from popular Tea Party groups said "if he did he'd be our #1 target".... I reminded the Tea Party types that
Lamar is NOT a Rino.... Rino's care about the planet. He cares about he and his Good Ole Boy friends.

Sharyn Bovat

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