Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One of my Blogs Viewers Compared Brendan Jones to the Jim Carrey in the Move Fun with Dick and Jane. I said He was More like the character in the move CLUELESS

HELLO Brandon.... Why don't you get one of the VP's to make a quote saying that ALL 1300 DOE generated jobs are coming to Tennessee and that NISSAN will REALLY make the frog faced EV.
No biggie, says Franklin, Tenn.-based Nissan North America, maker of the all-electric Leaf, which hit the market in December 2010 and will soon be made in Middle Tennessee. From the automaker's perspective, the electric vehicle market is still in first gear.

"Like any new technology, it has to go through a curve,"
said Brendan Jones, director of Nissan Leaf Marketing and Sales Strategy.

1.4 BILLION American Taxdollars is a LOT of Money.....   Especially for a Car that was meant as an IMAGE car or as a viewer said HALO car.  

Well Ghosn is gonna look like Satan if Tennessee does not get the 1300 "Green" JOBS PROMISED,...... It looks like the "bad due dilligence" done by the DOE & it's  going to be a DISASTER....

Someone got a blow job in Washington DC and now NISSAN has to pay for it.     My suggestion is make FRANCE pay 1/2 of the bill.  LITERALLY!!!

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