Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Japanese Government did a Job Creation Side Show
"SideShow" in Chattanooga.  

Yashima USA Grand Opening was a Staged Event.

Jack Sayed is a Stimulas/Recover Nomad who confirmed to me DOE Fraud was connected to ECD.

"......Yashima USA LLC is subsidiary of Yashima Denso Co. The vehicle components are made in Japan and shipped to Yashima USA, Sayed said. Yashima USA is currently focusing on the sales and marketing part of the business, he also said.  Local employees take the orders from Nissan and work as an intermediary between the United States and Japanese offices, he said. ...Currently there are about four employees, two who will be going back and forth from Japan, but the goal is to eventually have the parts manufactured in Tennessee, Sayed said.  ..."

( Jack Sayed "friend of Carlos Ghosn" was part of the Nashville Incubator and got FREE rent the ONLY jobs he created were for him and his wife... who went back to her maiden name most likely JUST for the "new business" and most likely  NOW  Jack Sayed has slithered his way South to suck more money out of the Federal and State Government and the ONLY jobs he's creating are for he and his wife.   BUT a Japanese company and the government is "applauding" for the camera's.... It's Cheesy and I "thought" the Japanes harbored more pride than that.  If JACK SAYED or his wife have taken NO government money in the last 2 years that CALL me  615-415-6675 and I will apologize.  The last time I saw them they were nibbling from the WHOLE FOOD trail mix bar ....ick.   Could someone at Homeland Security make sure NO taxpayer money is getting funneled to Pakistan.... American Troops  Matter!)  I told Mark Silverman the guy was a seriel DOE money grabber and America needs to have citizens that want to do an HONEST job.  Respect is Important!

Kindof like the 6 different Celebrations for the Job Creation Due the Production of the Leaf.... Jobs Most Likely Won't Happen.

The UK Put the Heat On NISSAN and Got Jobs in Sunderland....NOT for the Leaf But for a Real Car.
Oddly a LOT of People Read

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