Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dear Mr Mueller My Issue is Relevant to Your Russian Probe "Investigation" .... You Know My Uncle Bill Frisbie Too. He Was The Chief Pilot of Pan Am & You Worked With Him on The Lockerbie Bombing Cover-Up.... EVERYONE in the Intelligence Community Knows Iran Ordered it & The MSM Won't Publish the Truth. I Learned a CIA/MIC Clique Connected to the Clintons & NFL Owners is Why. Sir Did YOU Help Get the DC Police Chief Her Job? She Left in the Middle of Seth Rich Investigation. I GET His Family is Scared ... They Have EVERY Rifht to Be the "Clinton Clique" is Deadly BUT Their Disbanding. A Friend Of Leon Panetta's Told Me "Ppl are Retiring & Cashing In Their Chips"...... What Does That Mean?


  1. TRUMP is a CHILD RAPIST -- If I'm Trump and thoroughly convinced of my own innocence, the first thing I'm going to do is call for polygraph tests all around. I'll take one myself first then I'll challenge my accusers to do likewise. Let's see who's really telling the truth.

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