Sunday, January 29, 2017

Whistleblower Seeks VINDICATION on NISSAN Issue & Told She'll Get it .... THANK YOU JESUS!!!

In 2011 i sent out a press release asking Donald Trump to help me

 Righteously Rogue of my "project" because I got beaten up, jailed, harassed, slandered for blogging about issues that NOW have proven to have been 1000% accurate: What's NOT FAIR is i have to live "on high alert" because politicians & special interest groups that i asked to stop the mass exportation of American jobs are being exposed. 

****Annual trade deficit w/Mexico is over 58 BILLION & the MSM is not reporting it.***
President Trump's people told me he read it & told me to clearly show the issues. 

GOOD NEWS!!! America can get economically healthy/GREAT again. 
I've been mulling options on how to tell my story & the project overwhelming because I'd have odd things I found out in the process of seeking vindication w/my NISSAN whistleblowing that my bio dad is probably RFK & I was told that my "bio cousin" was appointed US Ambassador to Japan after the DNA test was done.   The whole thing is just "weird".

n2012 i sent a LOT of emails to politicians asking them to stop Japanese company who took over 1 billion American taxpayer dollars to build an EV "they knew would fail" and AT THE SAME TIME took the auto jobs building cars (the Versa & Sentra) that Americans wanted to buy to Mexico. 

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