Friday, March 25, 2016

My Life's Fried Green Tomato Moment Was When I Kept Seeing People Part of the Dirty War & Their Decedents Profiting & Scamming the American Taxpayers. When I started blogging on June 4th 2009 I Started a GLOBAL Fight for Human Decency & Carlos Tavares KNEW This....Carlos Ghosn's Connections to Operation Condor are REAL & I'm On the Verge of PROVING It.... Thank You President Obama & Thank You Jesus!!!! For Decades Ethical Hardworking American's Stood Up for Humanity & Their Careers Were Put on a Figurative "Death Flight"..... Ppl in Japan KNEW NISSAN is the Car Company Run By The Family Members of WW2 War Criminals Who the CIA Protected From Being Persecuted From Crimes AGAINST China... This Isn't Just an Issue About South America (Carlos Ghosn's Daddy Was BIG in Organizing Condor Flights) Today A Global Battle of Good vs Evil for Human Decency is Happening & Finally the Good Guys We'll Call Goliath are Forcing Goliath Into a Preverbal Cage.... Or at Least OUT of Private Jets & Forcing Them to See the World in Economy Just Like ALL the Masses They Abused During Their Rise to Riches

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