Friday, January 1, 2016

NISSAN was a CIA cover company and they did business in Iran and the American taxpayers gave them over a billion dollars after NISSAN execs lied to congress about the technology used for the NISSAN Leaf & I tried to stop the abuse being done to the taxpayers BUT the State of TN Terrorized/bullied me an so much has happened that I need help calming down and I want to go to Avalon Malibu but I need NISSAN or the CIA to help Pay for the treatment. If they Paid their "outstanding" invoice then I could easily afford it. I had a deal with Carlos Tavares to be a "Change Agent"....

Tennessee, NISSAN & the CIA      GAME ON!!!

I'm ready to FIGHT & ya'll ain't seen nothing yet:):)

Lots of people read 
about my DOD 
"victories" on this
 website yesterday 

Aug 27, 2013

i kept asking over and over again "if" my lawyer (Kline Preston of Nashville) lied to me... NOBODY ever told me EXCEPT Stephen Preston & he said "YES" Kline Preston lied to me. That alone should get me a retrial for the 1st time misdemeanor.  I want my $50 back. Also I made a "deal" with Carlos Tavares to be a "change agent" and I still have an outstanding invoice for NISSAN.  The issues I exposed are REAL!!!

Click here to read my letter to Avalon Malibu asking for inpatient mental heath recovery. I know that after all the things done to me the last 6 years I need help.  FYI- I'm not crazy I'm just tired of being emotionally held back by my memories & my PTSD that i seek recovery for was triggered by NISSAN, the CIA
, Gannett & the state of Tennessee (the corrupt courts).  Until I get help in getting my anxiety healed I'm gonna FIGHT to expose the fraud, corruption & racism happening in Tennessee & at NISSAN.  I recently got a FedEx packet FILLED with new issues..

Tennessee GAME ON!!!

I'm ready to FIGHT ya'll ain't seen nothing yet:):)

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