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James Comey the State of Tennessee is Committing a CRIME and NOBODY is Stopping it... I Need the FBI to Act NOW in Reference to the SAME Corrupt Courts that Abused Me for Whistleblowing on NISSAN.... PLEASE.... a Child has Suffered YEARS i& the Mother Who Wanted to Get Her OUT of the Abusive Environment NOW Has PTSD Just Like Me. Call Me for Doc 615-944-7599

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On Friday, January 1, 2016 8:47 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:


Clearly write out why you didn't go to court... Ppl are reading you have to explain why you didn't get 2nd mental health thing .. Say it was duress ... Just say the truth .. Pls tell me (everyone)  WHY?

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On Jan 1, 2016, at 7:45 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:
So I need you to respond to her allegations 

On Saturday, January 2, 2016 9:45 AM, Amy Whitney <***************> wrote:

Amy (me) was subsequently charged with a "failure to appear" for her hearing on April 6, 2015 - when she was at Bridges Crisis Center - of which she told her then "elbow counsel" Matthew Crigger (AND sent docs to PROVE) PRIOR to the hearing on April 6, 2015 that she would not be ABLE to attend (yet, she later was handcuffed by two bounty hunters in October 2015 - for not appearing in court.... HUH?????????)

One of the Bondsmen - whose first name is Kyle - (from Detroit, Michigan whom was poised to take me to Tennessee to be JAILED!!!)  (Sitting on the porch swing with them - while I was handcuffed in my nightgown - My mom and I learned that he is going to be on "Survivor" this February - he truly was a "nice" bondsman and had nothing but the TRUTH to say about the Tennessee judicial system...i.e. - at least a half dozen floors in the "Bat Building" downtown are strictly designated for BONDSMEN - i.e. sooooooo many people get arrested in Tennessee - pretty much a racket...) handcuffed Amy (me) for bond forfeiture..
(My mom already dished out $750 for the CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT bond of $7,500 for a CRIME THAT WAS NOT COMMITTED...... (Note:  A "stalker" of Kenny Chesney's BOND in Williamson County was ONLY $1,000)  What's UP with that?????????????????????????????????????????  see link:

Something is definitely NOT right.... 

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We know Trudy is gonna tell ppl your crazy ... They did that to me .. We have to show them the abuse done to you in ALL these years destroyed your trust in the system 

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On Jan 1, 2016, at 8:03 PM, Amy Whitney <*******************> wrote:
My gut told me that they would Kill me.  (There was NO reason for a 2nd evaluation). The same judge in my custody "review" hearing on April 2, 2015 was Judge Woodruff - he would NOT allow me to testify (and he couldn't look me in the eye, btw) because he was going to be my judge in the criminal case on April 6, 2015 - (A motion to disqualify deana hood was on the docket that day too - along with a motion to show that I had audios of the trial and did Not need to spend >$8K on the transcripts and that I was willing to share with opposing counsel (I have emails....) I will be happy to send my crisis records - I was diagnosed with PTSD - I was fearful that they would SHUT ME UP and thus AVA's voice would be silenced.   WHY is a person "crazy" for wanting to represent themselves????????????
Court reporter that day was LaRonce Stephens when JUdge Binkley ordered the 2nd evaluation... I CANNOT get a return response from her.... 

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Date: January 1, 2016 at 9:00:35 PM CST
To: Amy Whitney <*******************>,, Trudy Bloodworth <>, "" <>, "" <>, Chris Butler <>, Frank Daniels <>, "TOM.BARRETT@HOUSE.MI.GOV" <>, "" <>, Jamie Kuri <>
Subject: Amy Burns has PTSD and suffering excessive duress from "what" Tn has done to her ... Her story needs to be told 
Amy I don't think Trudy Bloodworth understands the bullying done to you in the TN courts ... Luckily I do & I have over 5 million views on my blogs along with God & Google on my side...  So ALL your court docs and transcripts will be posted except I'll redact things to protect Ava BUT will offer all those docs to the FBI & DOJ. 

We're gonna crush evil ... Cause ppl finally "get" how racist and corrupt the political leaders & courts are in Tennessee.  Let's get a corrupt DA in an orange jumpsuit too😊😊

Also the therapy for me to heal from PTSD that the bullying by Nissan & the courts did to me is gonna cost 180k to fix.  Maybe someone should pay for Amy to heal & ya'll should STOP ABUSING HER ... 

EVERYTIME I hear from Amy about the abuse CURRENTLY being done to her I have panic attacks & then I send emails asking for help that never happens and my PTSD becomes worse. Add that to finding out I'm "most likely" an illegitimate Kennedy who was raised my ppl part of the cover-up and I'm suffering even more. Maybe TN wanted to bully me cause the ppl there hate Catholics? 
Maybe I wasn't terrorized cause I spoke up against discrimination ( women in management at Nissan went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% the year I whistle blew. Maying it's NOt because Nissan a foreign company that does business with Iran & Putin lied about having EV battery technology (was using battery from C.A.R,B days) just to get 1.4 billion dollars for a loan they knew they would not pay back and the collateral is a 2 billion IDB bond backed by Rutherford County. Maybe all the anise done to me is cause I'm a Carholic Californian who dares to "speak" about a Good Ole Boy Network that dominates the courts. 

I've already been told to NOT travel to Tennessee cause it's 1 of 4 states that can "easily" harass ppl I trumped up charges so by me speaking up for Amy Burns I give up my right to travel to 🇺🇸's cesspool & im OK with that.

 I'm rambling and have been rambling for SIX YEARS and it's time the Feds spanked TN and if the 🇺🇸n taxpayers are lucky the DOJ will smack TN just as hard as Ava's grandmother hit her ... Which by the way was a crime against a child & the crime was done by the mother of Troy Burns.  Amy Burns has done NOTHING but seeked help from a corrupt judicial system & THAT's a fucking tragedy!!!



I will redact all the dialogue about sexual abuse ... To protect Ava BUT I would hope the FBI would view the docs.  This case has "crossed" state lines

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Subject: Re: Attached: Motion to Withdraw
Date: January 1, 2016 at 8:44:37 AM CST
To: Amy Whitney <***********************>,
Cc: Trudy Bloodworth <>, "" <>, "" <>, Chris Butler <>, Frank Daniels <>, "TOM.BARRETT@HOUSE.MI.GOV" <>, "" <>, Jamie Kuri <>


I'm not a lawyer BUT a presidential archives guy told me my DNA is that of a former Attorney General: Robert Kennedy is my "most likely" bio dad & like you I have "Yankee" ancestry.  

Here's my advice CLEARLY summarize the most hideous abuse you suffered in TN and get a publicist.  I was told because my "conception" is classified that my story won't be told BUT ppl know TN is truly the poster child for corruption & ppl in the DOJ promised me those that terrorized me will be punished one way or another. 

Happy New Year!!!

Amy i❤️you cause you have the courage to stand up to bullies. So keep fighting for humanity.

This New Years Day I pray the FBI in Memphis follows through and makes the lives of hard working Americans better by then simply doing their job. I was told at the Lockerbie Memorial service the DOJ respects me ....  I think "getting lynched" in TN is gonna have a whole new meaning:):)

Lastly Amy have hope the new FBI Director James  Comey's guys are AWESOME they believe that justice isn't a birthright to the elites they believe it's an American right... 

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Below are related emails that started the dialogue.....
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From: Amy Whitney <***********>
Date: January 1, 2016 at 8:11:25 PM CST
To: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Re: Attached:  Motion to Withdraw
Reply-To: Amy Whitney <*************************>
I have a blog that I can tell my story there as well.  Finally, I have some technology.....   dang!!!!!

What or Whom do I have to fear?????  God is with me.  Amen.

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On Jan 1, 2016, at 7:42 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:
She's scared 

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On Jan 1, 2016, at 6:15 PM, Amy Whitney <******************> wrote:

On Friday, January 1, 2016 9:30 AM, Trudy Bloodworth <> wrote:

Your retainer was non-refundable.

My motion to withdraw was filed after giving you sufficient notice of the same and after your refusal to undergo a second psychological examination with the guidance center pursuant to a valid court order, your refusal to turn yourself in after failing to appear for court and your general refusal to appear in court and participate in your case.  The Court granted my motion to withdraw and we advised you of the same.  The Court earlier granted your elbow counsel’s motion to withdraw.

Your emails have taken on an abusive and aggressive tone which is troubling and concerning for me.

I also noticed that you had copied Justice Clark and several others on your earlier email which is rather bizarre and now don’t feel comfortable communicating with you by email given the group email.

Please send any future correspondence by regular U.S. Mail. 

Thank you.

From: Amy Whitney
Reply-To: Amy Whitney
Date: Friday, January 1, 2016 at 8:19 AM
To: Trudy Bloodworth, Sharyn Bovat, "", "", Chris Butler, Frank Daniels, "TOM.BARRETT@HOUSE.MI.GOV", "", Amy Whitney, Jamie Kuri
Subject: Re: Attached: Motion to Withdraw

Explain to me how the "retainer" works.  And I also am requesting an itemized statement. 
When was the order entered? 
My mother wants her money back. 

On Friday, January 1, 2016 8:58 AM, Trudy Bloodworth <> wrote:

The court granted my motion to withdraw. I am no longer the attorney of record for you.  

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On Dec 31, 2015, at 5:29 PM, Amy Whitney <******************************> wrote:
To whom shall I send a Motion to Dismiss??  I'm not certain, as apparently I have Two attorneys of record.  Or must I wait until I am pro-se; which I thought I was, Mr. Crigger, according to the Honorable Judge Binkley.  I'm confused. 
Mr. Troy Burns' testimony under oath in civil court PROVES that there was Not an order preventing me from being at my marital home at the  time of my arrest.  Can you imagine??  In addition, his mother, whom had me arrested once before (of which has been expunged afte months and months of   h e l l  and lots and lots of $$$) for NO reason except to humiliate and harass me - is listed as the Victim of aggravated trespassing.  The problem she has with this is:  she doesn't Live there - she didn't live at MY house (of which, consequently, I was awarded a portion of in the divorce; thus also Proving it was My home at the time...)  She is also heard laughing in Both audio/videos of both False arrests.  Her testimony about the trespassing is pathetic.  She doesn't remember most of it - - and she did Not want to look at the videos showing herself laughing and calling me a "stupid bitch" either.  They have polluted the system and in doing so, have hurt many many innocent individuals in the process.  (Mainly a little girl.  A real true and very much alive little girl...)  Thanks.  Please let me know where to send the Motion.  It depicts the Truth. 
Don't allow those two criminals anymore leeway in your Honorable Courts.  They only crush more people in the process.   

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 4:16 PM, Amy Whitney *******************> wrote:

My records show that it is expected to be heard tomorrow, November 13, 2015. 
You may want to double check.

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 1:45 PM, assistant <> wrote:

The attached was filed today in your criminal matter and a hard-copy has been mailed to you via the US Mail.

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