Tuesday, November 17, 2015

James Comey can you have the FBI find out before COP21 WHY one of Carlos Ghosn's executives called me a spy .... which was NOT true I'm an "ex-spy" ... Anyway.... Nissan a Japanese/French company doing business with Iran & negotiating a deal to own & share tech with Putin's car company Autovaz made false allegations against me, had me jailed 3 times & called me a spy who in court said I was the corporations # 2 Security threat ....I have the transcripts. i was bullied because of my CIA past. In 2009 I (Sharyn Bovat) was just the relocation consultant used for NISSAN's highest level execs. .... Why did they tag me as being a threat? - cause they knew I had access to powerful people that could stop Massive EV fraud. Fraud that Catherine Perez the former mistress of Carlos Ghosn told me about at Stoney River Steakhouse in Franklin Tennessee.

I have so much to blog about before COP21 I'm already TIRED

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