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James Comey a Guy in the IC Told Me Last Week at the ABA National Security Conference He's So Proud of the FBI Right NOW He Hasn't Seen Your Agency "This" Politically Independent in His Lifetime: Sir People are Starting to Believe the J. Edgar Hoover & Buck Revell Days are OVER:):) This is an Update from Sharyn Bovat the DOD - NISSAN - Lockerbie Whistleblower from Last Weeks ABA National Security Law Conference:

 This blog post is "under construction" i learned a lot about fraud investigations, more political corruption & Clinton cronyism that many fear will harm America for another decade "if" Loretta Lynch's DOJ does not prosecute Hillary Clinton & so far they found a LOT more to prosecute than found on whistleblowers that were prosecuted and jailed so in the spirit of judicial fairness Hillary Clinton MUST be indicted: Still it's up to the DOJ. 

FBI part of the TWA 800 cover-up have communicated to me they want the Clinton Era over: They want to be able to do their jobs and not fear retaliation that stems from pissing off the political elite. Also some have discussed starting the process of changing the law to make the Attorny General an ELECTED POSITION.   

Anyway I'm scared and frustrated, at the same time inspired by the amount of people working on the problems that have become systemic in corporate America, in the American Intelligence community & in the courts.   Whistleblowers have been terrorized for a long time & the FBI is trying to stop it & only time will tell if the politics trumps justice, no pun intended:):) 


1st Let's Start with a Happy Moment From Last Week:):) 

Flashback to my 1st ABA National Security Conference that I attended AFTER the Feds discovered General Petraeus & Others from Tampa Liked to send emails about my blogs:

I learned at the ABA conference in 2012 my Tennessee lawyer Kline Preston was never working for me & a CIA asset paid for by Putin & related to Stephen Preston... who

Now to an update about my 4th ABA National Security Conference 
OK ....  

Now the DOD - NISSAN - Lockerbie Whistleblower  UPDATE from Last Week ABA National Security Law Conference:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: November 8, 2015 at 10:43:49 AM CST
To: jogthru <>, Jim Gammon <>, Michael Dorris <>, "Kyle A. Krasa" <>, Mark Silverman <>, DANIEPM5 <>, "" <>,
Subject: CPTSD, met the new Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Federal Investigation take too ****ing long & I Need HELP!!! 

A Congressional House intel lawyer told me last week (at the ABA National Security Conference) that Dan Meyer is a “decent guy” and I have to get him to help me BUT my emails ranting about the Marriott Vacation Club pissed him off (Thanks Cathy for giving it to me & I’m still waiting for the docs).I have CPTSD (described below) thanks to NISSAN - Tennessee’s Corrupt Courts & my families cruel response to me blogging about my CIA past: 

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) also known as developmental trauma disorder (DTD)[1] or complex trauma[2] is a psychological injury that results from protracted exposure to prolonged social and/or interpersonal trauma in the context of dependence, captivity or entrapment (a situation lacking a viable escape route for the victim), gaslighting and/or false accusations which results in the lack or loss of control, helplessness, and deformations of identity and sense of self. Examples include people who have experienced chronic maltreatment, neglect or abuse in a care-giving relationship, hostages, prisoners of war, concentration camp survivors, and survivors of some religious cults.[3] C-PTSD is distinct from, but similar to, post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), somatization disorderdissociative identity disorder, and borderline personality disorder.[4]

NISSAN filed "false accusations" against me and my child was bullied for YEARS 

iBelieve NISSAN CIA allies are responsible for both my mom & uncle getting Dementia
Here's another 2012 blog post describing the abuse done by NISSAN to the whistleblower:
Luckily I’m getting help for my anxiety disorder & my goal is to forgive everyone.

Are you helping a loved one with PTSD?Don’t take the symptoms of PTSD personally. Common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include emotional numbness, anger, and withdrawal. If your loved one seems distant, irritable, or closed off, remember that this may not have anything to do with you or your relationship.
i was told the fastest way for me to heal from PTSD is to be VINDICATED & that can’t happen until the Feds start busting people: If you read the book described below you’ll see an operation that the one used as a role model to one I’m part of - FYI I told ya’ll In 2011 I went to a RICO meeting & evidently those investigations take a LOT of time. I don’t know WHO the good guys I’ve dealt with in the last 6 years or who are the bad guys & I’m TIRED.  

My immediate goal right now is to get the CIA to give me health insurance…. I’ve talked to a former covert op benefits consultant who arranged for retirement packages for people like me. What I’m asking for is NORMAL:  Marc wants to finalize a divorce and I need HELP cause i need health insurance and I need to spend time healing from ALL the crap that’s happened to me the last 50 years. My goal is to have a happy “rest of my life” and i want it to be a long one.  Here’s an idea make NISSAN give me a pension?   

Someone do something? 

 About the book: In 1980, Terrence Hake was a young assistant prosecutor in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Illinois. In April of that year, he agreed to assist the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office in an investigation of the county court system, known nationwide to be a hotbed of bribery, corruption, and mob ties. 
For three and a half years, untrained and with ever-diminishing naiveté, Hake worked undercover posing as a corrupt prosecutor by accepting bribes from attorneys to “fix” cases for the criminals they were defending. Later, as an attorney in private practice, he made payoffs to judges and court personnel to arrange the dismissal of cases. Throughout the investigation, Hake had to befriend people he knew he would betray, wear a wire in bars and to racetracks, and help with many of the FBI’s unprecedented actions, such as bugging a judge’s chambers.   
The investigation, known as “Greylord,” became the longest and most successful undercover investigation in FBI history, and the largest corruption bust ever in the U.S. It resulted in bribery and tax charges being filed against 103 judges, lawyers, and other court personnel, and, eventually, three suicides and more than seventy indictments.  
Here's a Blast form the Past a blog post from 2012 about Carlos Ghosn's link to the CIA & Drug trafficking ...

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