Monday, September 14, 2015

Mark Stout the NISSAN VP That Bullied Me for Whistleblowing About Discrimination, Fraud and That NISSAN Does Business with Terrorist Nations Got PROMOTED. Damn I Wanted Him in Jail. James Comey is the FBI EVER Gonna Give the Righteous Justice or is the Scum (Not the Cream) Get to Rise to the Top in the Cesspool that's in America's MOST Corrupt State Get to Keep Succeeded. Why Has Leslie Caldwell & Loretta Lynch NOT Arrested Those in the Good Ole Boy Network That Discriminate, Oppress & Terrorize Hardworking Legal Residents That Speak Out for Humanity?

NISSAN has promoted EVERY Good Ole Boy that Terrorized Me.... 

Eric Holder did NOTHING & I pray Loretta Lynch does!!!

 NO I CAN'T & because I whistle blew I can't get a job ANYWHERE... I've got new "ammo" to go after NISSAN & the Tennessee courts.... 

I told Carlos Tavares I had a LOT of Aces in this fight for HUMANITY & I'm gonna play the Kennedy card.... so  Good Ole Boys "game on"

It's time Women, Blacks & Gays got RESPECT in Tennessee!
Look Mark Stout who terrorized me got promoted by NISSAN.
I just "don't get it"... maybe in America women can't succeed oops we have a woman US Attorney General... Maybe it's just women at NISSAN

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