Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rhori Johnston News Channel 5, Blake Farmer NPR, Demetria Kalodimos & Maria De Varenne the Tennessean Ya'll Need to Know that in DC Reporters from MAJOR Outlets Getting Background Info. Evidently Once Some Stuff is Declassified I'm Gonna Be a Household Name. Too Bad I Can't Go On Live TV.... The CIA is Afraid i'll Leak So i Promised to Be Good & Will RESPECTFUL About What I Say. Legally I Can Say Anything Cause i Never Signed a NDA and Don't Have a Clearance. They KNOW I'm a Former Spy Cause I Know a LOT of Top Secret Stuff - Actually I Know Stuff Those with the Highest Level Clearances Don't Have Access To. It's Cause I Was Part of Covert Ops That I Know Weird **** & All I Want is to NOT Live in Fear & to Get a Job with Health Insurance so I Must No Longer Accidently Leak Intel.

"Someone needs to give me a list of what's classified and I'll delete it from my blog"   Sharyn Bovat to CIA 

CIA to Sharyn  "If we do that you'll know what's classified and it's not legal for us to do that cause you don't have a clearance"

"That's ****ing stupid" ...  "how the **** did I know all this ***" ...  "You people have destroyed my life it's ****ing inhumane and i've never done anything but ****ing love my country & I whistle blew cause what's happening at NISSAN is wrong & it needs to stop"   Sharyn Bovat to CIA

Because of being told that I know stuff that's classified and people at the CIA are worried I'll accidentally leak intel ALL reporters wanting to talk to me please text me 615-944-7599 and let me know what the topic is. I never signed an NDA when doing research for CIA operatives. My blogs have been vetted as 85-90% accurate & I will not be told what's not. If anything I blog about is deemed NOT true I clarify & in 2 cases I deleted. Turns out what on I deleted was 70% true BUT the person involved was a decent guy who got caught up in this mess. The other I deleted was 90% true a correction would've sufficed but I new the blog post was "snarky" so I deleted it.

I've kept all my sources confidential while whistleblowing about issues involving EV fraud, corruption and discrimination, I kept all my DOD sources confidential & ONLY blogged about 3 people in the last 6 years that befriended me with "alternate motives"... I've told my sources that I will never blog about them UNLESS I have proven they LIED.

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