Monday, January 26, 2015

James Comey Tell the FBI I'm Asking the DOD to Answer a FOIA Request About Jon Rymer Being Linked to CIA/MIC Clique. I'll Send the FBI the Answers. The Goal is to Help America By Not Allowing Technology Used in Weapons to Get to Our Nations Enemies. People at the DOD are Mad Congress is Using Taxpayer Money to Give Tech to Putin & Iran. Carlos Ghosn the CEO of NISSAN is a Known Asset of Rogue CIA Who Were Part of Iran Contra & Drug Trafficking,

FOIA Requests

Thank you! Your Request has been sent to the FOIA Office. You provided the following information. Please print this page as a receipt. 
Date: 1/26/2015
Name: sharyn bovat
Phone: 615-944-7599
Organization: voice of a Moderate
Address Line 1: PO Box 25351
Address Line 2:
City: Arlington  State: Virginia  Zip Code: 22202

Your Request: Why did the DOD Inspector General's office block @sharynbovat from twitter. Sharyn Bovat is known as the DOD Whistleblower & has exposed a LOT of issues that have proven to be true. Ask Col Aaron Geduldig he know Sharyn Bovat told the truth & even sent her "frisky" text messages.Those messages are available for publication if needed. Please do a Google search for DOD Whistleblower & see Sharyn's picture. Many people that are DOD employees, vendors & retirees have spoken to me (Sharyn Bovat) & I'm asking for clarification on issues via proper procedure. Why did the DOD IG block me Sharyn Bovat @sharynbovat a patriotic American & journalist from Twitter? Bovat suspects it's Buck Revell ally Jon Rymer who is the IG & linked to a Good Ole Boy network in Tennessee that was managed by Howard Baker & then led by Haley Barbour. Sharyn's most likely bio dad Ed Daly was a DOD Vendor and owned World Airways. Sharyn remembers being on several almost empty flights that was deadheading from Oakland to Dullas. One flight in 1975 (80% it was that year) her (my) mom made her sit in the up front section with Mr. Daly & Ford's New Guy. It was definiatly in the mid 70's Mr. Daly talking to Donald Rumsfeld about "how" to keep the war going. The airline had contracts with Boeing and Vietnam was paying the bills. Also did World Airways get the contract for the Cyclone gun running after ex CIA that Carter fired helped "get rid of Carter" via the 1979 Khomeini deal. The writer of this FOIA was sent to boarding school in 1979 after the hostages were taken. World Airways pilots were on strike, it was said to be the ugliest airline strike in aviation history. Ed Daly carried a guy. & the dad that raised her (me) was on the side against Mr. Daly . Sharyn's dad was the union rep for the pilots associated and he told Sharyn when she was 14 that he couldn't look at her cause she had the face of management. So Ed Heering who was Ed Daly's best friend helped get Sharyn into boarding school & her roommate was from El Salvador and her family led death squads- remember the whacked priest? Recently someone connected to the Obama administration had a guy who knew Oscar Romero (the whack priest) talk to her & it made me feel sad that America did this kind of stuff. It's linked to Buck Revell whose linked to Jon Rymer and a CIA guy that was drafted out of the LBJ admin told me that a MIC/CIA clique killed Kennedy. Sharyn's grandfather Karl Frisbie belonged to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club & was close to John McCone Kennedy's CIA director & Leon Panetta belongs to club. In the 90's before Mr. Panetta was CIA I learned he was connected to the clique while at Ava Maria nursing home. Can the CIA/MIC clique be confirmed at this time by the DOD? I have pictures at Disneyland from the 60's and have been told Walt Disney profited from the CIA/MIC clique, is that true? This FOIA is also to request an answer from the US Govt on WHY NISSAN a foreign company is able to get USA taxpayers money when their known to have done business with IRAN & is currently in "bed (figuratively) with Russia. DOD scientist told Sharyn Bovat American weapon tech is given to Putin via NISSAN's partnership to Autovaz. Driverless car tech is used in drones & missiles. Is it true that Mike Vickers is related to Cal Vickers of NISSAN? od-whistleblower-admits-dia-source.html Also I'd like to know if it's true that "bricks" of shrink wrapped US currency that was humanitarian aid was thrown out of helicopters in Kurdistan Iraq? Why did the DOD distribute money meant for victims of a civil war in that manner? Is it true Sardar Pishdare was an Army intel asset for almost 7 years? Is it true that Ahmed Chalabi was paid before 9-11 over 350k per month by the CIA for intelligence? Thank you for answering. Sharyn Bovat Voice of a Moderate & DOD Whistleblower I spend a few weeks a month in Pentagon City and if you'd like to have a public affairs guy meet with me that is OK too. I will happily pay for his coffee at Starbucks. This information is needed for a new website. I'm creating this because i life in fear because unethical people have tried on numerous occasions to harm me. It's documented . Also CIA/MIC clique blacklisted me when I exposed issues of fraud, discrimination & corruption. Sharyn Bovat was told she was blacklisted by the govt. by an employee of Gannett. This FOIA is asked so Sharyn can clarify issues before publication of the new blog. Sharyn Bovat (me) loves America and all I want is to be able to live without fear & to get a job with health insurance.

Thank you for your time,

Sharyn Bovat ori-johnston-news-channel-5-blake.html aaron-geduldig-im-at-conference-talking.html weingarten-why-dont-you-talk-to.html

Willingness to Pay:  $5.00

"I declare under penalty of perjury that I am Sharyn Bovat  and that the statements contained in this document are true and correct."

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