Sunday, October 26, 2014

James Comey Did the FBI Hear Me Speak to the Guy That USED to Work at NISSAN? Ex Employees KNOW the Japanese-France Company Committed FRAUD... I Told Them We Have a NEW Strategy ... It's Called Operation "Call the Loan DOE Loan"... Based on FRAUD. Seriously Did Carlos Ghosn Really Think Congress Would "Write-Off" the Debt. Ya'll Used a Rutherford County IDB as the Collateral... I've Heard that NISSAN Has Almost 7 Billion in USA Bond Debt and NISSAN USA Will Go BK.... Sadly NISSAN Motors Has NO Liability.... The American Taxpayers are Gonna Get HOSED... Someone Tell Carlos Ghosn He'll Have to Learn How to Fly "Commercial"..... iWant Resolution and Maybe the Best Way is to Get .....

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