Sunday, October 26, 2014

***UPDATE*** James Clapper, Stephen Preston (DOD), James Comey & Reid Weingarten I Told the FBI the TRUTH When I Said the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn, Governor Bill Haslam. His Pilot Flying J Owning Brother Jimmy and Haley Barbour Were Connected to Nazi's.... NOW I Can Prove It!!! My Blogging is Limited Cause I'm "Looking for a NEW Life"... Once I Find It I Might Stop Blogging... Until I Know 100% I'll Do "I Told Ya So Posts".... Have a Beautiful Night- FYI My Mom ALWAYS Told Me the Best Revenge is Having a GREAT Life:):) Hammock Time?

Oops forgot to put ex baby sitter to CIA protected Nazi grandchildren on my resume... Can someone tell John Brennan "that" might be what makes the CIA to change it's mind and hire me:):)

Click here to read letter sent to IC community members and to the those that work for a CIA "protected" Nazi child

You people do realized that "this blog" was vetted by GANNETT to be 90% true?

Ask Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore  I ONLY blog about people that "lie" to me.... just don't want others to worry. I respect boundaries:):) 

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