Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore Tell Leon Panetta to Have a Great Holiday Season & to Shut the Fuck Up!! Thank You & Call Me if You Need a Blogger Whose Willing to Break Stories that Matter to Society. Have Jeremy Gaines Call Me... He's Cute:):)

 Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore of Gannett - If people don't think ya'll did help protect Nazis by suppressing stories then Ooops it's gonna get leaked.  I got PROOF ya'll knew at least 3 years ago.
Still Gannett was "silent" and protected those aligned with a rogue CIA/MIC clique that's linked to 3 generations of War Crime cover-ups, for profit black ops, drug trafficking, weapon sales to Russians (in the 80's), assassinations, & ramped media suppression done at the desecration of the CIA.   Did I mention the Lockerbie cover-up?

 Sharyn Bovat standing up to the CIA "Good Ole Boy" network & I want Gannett to join me.

Sorry Mr. Panetta YOU'RE getting exposed but like this guy said to me "he had a good run"..... enjoy your money & tell people at the "club" to have a great holiday season.   Sir- please just enjoy retirement and shut the fuck up.  America can only get healthy "if" we end the era of post WW2 CIA cronyism.

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