Wednesday, July 9, 2014

James Comey (FBI) Can You Tell John Kerry (State Dept) at the Next Obama Hot Shot Pow Wow I Want to Be America's FIRST Ambassador to the Independent Scotland ... I'll Prove in the Next 2 Weeks Why I Deserve It.... Has To Do With State Almost Harming America in Letting NISSAN Take Taxpayer Money & Get US Tech Used in Weapons Systems... I New Source Told Me I Saved America (OK - I Blogged After Getting Credible Intel- STILL I Had the Courage to Blog About it)... More Soon... Carlos Ghosn You Better Keep Snuggling with Putin Cause it's Gonna Get Real Cold in the USA ... No More Taxpayer Money to Foreign Corporation That Do Business with Putin and Khomeini

Matthew Barzun I'm sending you a packet... your kind of cute....married?

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