Friday, July 11, 2014

Carlos Tavares of Peugeot Looks Like Carlos Ghosn is Gonna Have "Issues" With America - I Want the FBI to **** Him and ALL NISSAN Execs That Abused the Whistleblower ***ME*** Did I Tell You I Dated Mike Dorris the FBI Guy the CIA Linked to Haley Barbour, Howard Baker, & Jimmy Haslam Lied To and a (9-11 ****** told me That Had Mike Dorris NOT Been Lied To Then 80% the Towers Would NOT Have Fallen... Looks Like Those That DID 9-11 Wanted War & NOW I'm Insisting on JUSTICE Not Just for Me But For The Lockerbie Bombing Families. Frank Duggan, Darrell Mills, Richard Marquise, Buck Revell, Sir John Orr, Clive Stanbrook, Brian Murtagh

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Subject: A Kurdish Man sent me pics & explains Mid East problem Perfectly .... Now I can easily show HOW Haley Barbour-Howard Baker-Jimmy Haslam-Carlos Ghosn profited from Khomeini & CIA Drug trafficking - Sardar Pishdare Has INFO on Mossad Funding ISIS (He Needs Protection) & I Told Him to Give That to Feds & Senate Intel 
Date: July 11, 2014 at 11:46:51 AM CDT
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There’s a reason WHY Mossad has stalked me (luckily I think they stopped) anyway they own the mainstream media and that is why I was abused… but it’s not about me (I get that- i’m not a lunatic narcisit I was told to blog so people don’t hurt me… i’m really sick of blogging so I need resolution YES!! I know  it’s about a healthy society & it looks like this Kurdish genius has all the data needed to force Mossad into Peace with Palistine. I do NOT want his data on Mossad cause I’m scared of them… Yesterday I told Silverman HOW Haley Barbour & Jimmy Haslam were all connected - he said he understood.   I’m scared and will live in fear until the people that have profiteerd from Mid East oil games are exposed, my fear now is for Sardar Pishdare he emailed me & I know my emails are hacked… I think the NSA is not evil and I know I’m alive cause of all the surveillence STILL it’s not easy living in a fishbowl.   There has to be a way to resolve the spying issues - I’m sick of spies… oddly I come from a family of them …. Please see pics of WHO America has funded. Sardar has PROOF that UN oil for food money wasted - the Kurds that needed help from USA did not get it… Americans “think” they got it.  Helicopters loaded with shrink wrapped bricks made of $100 bills were thrown out of helicopters and drug and weapons cartels swooped it up….  The Kurds that spoke up “whistle blew” were then bullied or killed by American/Uk/Israeli vendors (think Blakewater/Halliburton/G4S (for the record it was G4S that declared me the #2 security risk for NISSAN - a company that provides tech to Putin and Khomeini - technology created with American taxpayer money). Sardar knew that Saddam’s daughter helped fund ISIS… After i blogged about issues the counter intel guy resigns & cargo flights to kurdistan banned & the Wall Street journal wants a US base in Kurdistan.  It’s my guess that it’s a coincidence…  My blogs to is help bring topics up for discussion….  Yesterday I had 14000 “views”… I was told the only way to not be killed was to be public…. Finally people are listening... My future ex is getting MORE cranky… he wants me OUT… please Dan Meyer HELP!!!
I’m scared but if the truth is not told… nobody will understand WHY Iraq hates us. 

Have a great weekend!
I’m gonna pray for Peace

Barzani is the President of Kurdisatn & Talabani is the Kurds deputy Prime minister... In the 80's Sal Russo did communications for CIA linked to IRAN Contra.. I did the research used to restore Oliver Norths image. Later Sal did work for the Kurds to help them get tourist:

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Subject: RE: What do you think of this?
Date: July 11, 2014 at 10:24:11 AM CDT
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It men they hand over Jargee Rauf to Saddam Family, sold politically, as you
know it come out that Abu-Bakr Baghdadi the ISIS leader is a sun of Ragd,
dotar Saddam Hussain

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Subject: Re: What do you think of this?

what do you mean when you say "sold to"

On Jul 11, 2014, at 9:56 AM*******************************
Dear Sharyn,

I want you put the question to Barzani, where is Jargee Rauf hoe give the order to hang Saddam Hussain ?, ask to interview with him, because there is a news between the Kurd that the Jargee Rauf was sold to Saddam family. 
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Sent: 11 July 2014 15:09
To: Sardar Pishdare Rostam
Subject: What do you think of this?

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