Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sorry Charlie -I'm Not Shutting Up Until I Feel Safe. Carlos Ghosn If You Were NOT Part of the Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up Then Brigid Carpenter at Baker Donelson Would Have Called Me... So How's Your Putin Deal Going? Tell Me Did YOU Know Kline Preston Was Compromised... I've Got Data & John Martin Your New VP of Manufacturing Had Chris Haley of Vantech Call Me EXACTLY a Year After the 1st Arrest on Trumped Up Charges.. He Emailed Me To... People at NISSAN Motors in Japan KNOW I Was Railroaded.... Once James Comey & the FBI Look at Your Bermuda Slush Fund with Dept of Energy $$$ You Might Lose Your Right to Travel to the USA .. or Better Maybe the Treasury Lawyers Will "Take Back the Cash".... How's Jim Morton - Your Ex Right Hand Man that Was Friends with Lee Atwater? .... It's Really Juicy .... More Soon

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