Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tennessee Triangle.... James Comey I Want RICO... It's Time to Tell Haley Barbour, The Haslam Family, Howard Baker & His Firm Baker Donelson ( I Think Brigid Carpenter is Naive?) & the Corrupt Tennessee Courts Led By Gary Wade an Almost Relative of the Haslam Klan. We Need to Show Them That Humanity Matters.... Lets Get the FBI Some Starbucks Espresso Shots and Clean Up America:):)

James Comey Tell Todd McCall of the Memphis FBI That Merging with Knoxville Would Be a Good Idea.   You Know that Some Call the Knoxville FBI "Howard Baker's FBI"..... Is THAT Still True?

Sir, NISSAN & Baker Donelson has tried to destroy my life.  I learned that Brigid Carpenter might not have relayed some of my messages to NISSAN (the Baker Donelson client).  I would like that investigated.  I did not sue NISSAN for money I wanted my reputation back.  NISSAN had paid over 1 million in lawers to fight me when I sued for $250,000 which is just money I lost by them making me unemployable after I whistle blew.  I've had death threats... I've been harassed.  I need resolution. If Baker Donelson is doing their job properly I will apologize.  After All I'm in the same GOP "family" as Howard Baker.

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