Friday, February 14, 2014

VW ***UPDATE*** Cindy Estrada - I'm a Republican Who WANTS the UAW to Succeed in Tennessee at the VW Plant. It's the ONLY Way for the Regular Guy to Stand Up to the Good Ole Boy Network.... I Was Told By Carlos Tavares the NEW CEO of Peugeot When He Worked at NISSAN That the Relocation of NISSAN to Tennessee Was Destroying the Company...He Said the Workers Were the Problem.. I Told Him it's NOT the Workers it's The GOOD OLE BOY Network. I Can PROVE I Told Him Too... Carlos Ghosn HAD to Relocate To Tennessee Due to BOND DEBT!!! NISSAN Has About 6 Billion... They Never Seem to Make Payments... Why?

UAW Election Close- Workers Threatened/Bullied by GOP State Legislatures that IF the Union happened - Jobs would be lost. My German source says "the reverse will probably happen..."

Workers at Tennessee Volkswagen factory reject United Auto ...

Fox News-3 minutes ago
The 712-626 vote released late Friday was surprising for many labor experts and union supporters who expected a UAW win because ...

VW Workers bullied into voting against Union by GOP dominated State Legislatures threatening less government  "incentives" if a Union happened...... If they really were republican then they would NOT give incentives... Free Market Economies....duh!!!!

UAW Vote at Volkswagen Plant in Tenn. Ends Friday

ABC News-1 hour ago
At stake is the future of the union and perhaps organized labor in the United States as the UAW makes a crucial move toward recruiting in the ...

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