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President Francois Hollande I'm Available for Dinner... Ask the Peugeot CEO Carlos Tavares About Me... I Chew with My Mouth Closed... Carlos Ghosn's Former Mistress Can Tell You I'm "Fun" She Took Me to Parties & Gave Me Gifts... I Have Her Handwritten Notes Ooh La La... No I'm NOT Gay So You Do Have The Opportunity to as the Russian Police Choir Would Sing "Get Lucky" FYI- I Flirted with Catherine Perez the Former VP of Purchasing for the Renault-NISSAN Alliance to Try to Get a Job (Long Story) We Were Video Taped By CIA Linked NISSAN HR "Dirty Dancing"... NO Not Girls Gone Wild Style... More Like Cher & Debbie Gibson... Still Some in Japan at NISSAN Motors Used the Tape to Discredit Me... I've Lived Through a Scandal So I Know WHAT your Going Through... The Difference is YOU Have Press. The Press Ignores Me Due to My CIA Past... Which By the Way is Linked to French Intelligence... I'm the Woman That Vindicated the Renault Spies Too.... I Was Told Strauss Kahn FRAMED By NY CIA..... Ouch!!!

Nissan Whistleblower: Nadia Comanechi or Carlos Tavares?

Jan 16, 2013 - “While not intended as a preview of any upcoming production model,Ellure confirms Nissan's intention to be a strong player in the sedan ...

Mr. French President -


 FYI my mom worked with French Intelligence during the Vietnam war... that is how i knew that Michelin used to be a CIA cover company...  I learned about the "deal" to make Brazil a success in the rubber tree industry too...

Some blamed Kennedy for "excessive" Agent Orange but a person from LBJ's CIA communicated that it was one of their guys that owned the company that made it... that means a blog post I did needs to be corrected.  I learned HALEY BARBOUR who when he was Governor of Mississippi and did sleazy land deals with Katrina money involving NISSAN... I heard he a "friend" of the Agent Orange profiteers...  Mr. President I knew a lot of people that died of lung cancer......  It makes my battle against Carlos Ghosn "personal".....  Did you know the NISSAN CEO's daddy did Operation Condor? A guy from Boeing confirmed...

  1. Nissan Whistleblower: ***UPDATED*** The French/Michelin People ...

    Mar 10, 2012 - Lot's of "agent orange" destroyed the rubber trees in Vietnam (and the... the enemy left the CIA in the 70's and some went to work at Michelin.
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Just think of HOW much fun I could be at a State Dinner:):)    

FYI- I helped get you elected.... A Le Pen person contacted me and wanted me to make an "argument" on why they should not support Sarkozy.   I told them to NOT VOTE... I said the Socialist is much better for the world than the guy that did sleazy weapons deals with Gaddafi.
Also - I'm a believe in PEACE with Iran.... Which is gonna create jobs in the county of France - I just told a guy that I wanted to work at Peugeot for Carlos Tavares to lead CSR- I want to make sure that "tech" does not go to IRAN- stuff that's used in weapons.  I care about the troops... All troops...even yours. 

Let's stay at the Marriott Wardman:):)  It's easier for the CIA to film there....  oops

It's in court documents that the "Ellure" concept car was designed to "shut me up"... I kept telling Tavares NISSAN made "ugly cars".... I have the email telling him that the cube would not be the BlockBuster marketing told him.... I have the email saying that the topless Murano would be a bust.

After I was arrested a guy from Murfreesoboro brought cars for me to look at... I reviewed the new Versa.... Tavares was supposed to succeed Ghosn... BUT they screwed him... I got proof.   Also angry car guys that wanted Mr. Tavares to lead NISSAN... evidently he was the only "non" Japanese guy on the board of NISSAN Motors that understood how to build cars...  I have "so much more"   Call me Lemonde and Lefigaro.

Someone tell President Obama I'll need Air Force 1 to get to the dinner on time....  Let me know so I can make a quick trip to TJMaxx to get a dress.  Thanks:):)  Sharyn

Washington (CNN) -- When French President Francois Hollande flew to Washington this week for a state visit, he brought along a lot of baggage -- and it's not his country's famous Louis Vuitton.
Hollande left France amid sinking popularity ratings and swirling reports that he cheated on his partner of seven years with a younger movie actress — making this week's trip something of an escape for the embattled president.
The former French first lady Valerie Trierweiler -- whom Obama said in November he was looking forward to hosting -- isn't coming to the White House now that Hollande has announced their split.

  • Carol Hudler of Gannett Why does the Tennessean Ignore the Story ...

    Feb 1, 2013 - The fact is NISSAN had a "reason" to have the whistleblower jailed 3 times. ..... 2011 Nissan Ellure concept made its world debut at the LA auto ...

  • John Voelcker of High Gear

    Feb 17, 2013 - Nissan Whistleblower: NISSAN Leaf Lease Prices Cooling Faster . .....2011 Nissan Ellure concept made its world debut at 
  • Affairs -- foreign and otherwise -- surround FrancoisHollande's state ...
    CNN-10 hours ago
    Washington (CNN) -- When French President Francois Hollande flew to Washington this week for a state visit, he brought along a lot of ...

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