Wednesday, February 19, 2014

***UPDAT*** Cindy Estrada & the UAW it's Time to Build a Coalition with Karl Rove His Friend "Joe the Plumber" Took a UNION Job... OMG!!! He Should Have Stuck to His Principles and Moved to Tennessee to Take a Job with NISSAN... Oops I Heard He Won't Work for $12.75 an Hour..... He's a Proud Man & Does NOT Want to Take Food Stamps.... Karl Rove I've Got an IDEA on HOW to Build a Coalition with the UAW & That Will Get the GOP Blue Collar Voters....

If America KNEW how NISSAN treated me after I whistle blew about discrimination: Americans would NOT buy NISSAN 

Wurzelbacher, who became a conservative hero during the 2008 electionsannounced on his blog that he’s taken a job at Chrysler and that he has subsequently joined the United Auto Workers... (Joe) admits that it might sound like hypocrisy for a man who rallied against government spending to take a union job from a corporation that received $1.3 billion in bailout money from the government, but he says that’s just the way it is.
Conservative Hero 'Joe The Plumber' Takes A Union Job With ...
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-Toledo Blade-Feb 17, 2014
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-ABC News (blog)-19 hours ago
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-Huffington Post-Feb 18, 2014
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Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said the proposal stinks.  - Lamar is Anti-Union and was Silent during the VW vote.... because he's up for reelection.... 
“Ambush elections are one more example of how the Obama National Labor Relations Board continues to be more of a union advocate than an umpire,” Alexander said. “The D.C. Federal District Court already struck down the administration’s last attempt to rush through ambush elections.”   Didn't Tennessee leaders "ambush" the UAW election at VW? 
“This latest effort is a political power play on behalf of unions that makes an end run around employers and forces workers to make decisions without all of the facts.”

Lamar Alexander worked with Marvin Runyon and Howard Baker to bring NISSAN to Tennessee VOWING the state would NEVER have a Union....

Lots of NISSAN workers tell me "how bad" it is at the plant... I have PROOF....

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