Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Darrell Issa Admits Link to Hezbollah - DOD Whistleblower Has Another.... NISSAN Renault CEO and Chairman of the Russian Autovaz Board Carlos Ghosn.... American Taxpayer Money Was Given to a Company That Shares Tech with Terrorist... Is THAT OK?

"...Much as support for bulk surveillance is a bipartisan position in the House intelligence committee, opposition in the judiciary committee is bipartisan. Liberal Democrat Zoe Lofgren and conservative Republican Darrell Issa, both of California, probed Cole to say on the record that the NSA phone records trove includes legislators' call records, something the NSA has been hard-pressed to deny on the record. 

"202-225 and four digits. Do you collect it?" Issa asked Cole, referring to the prefix of office numbers for members of the House of Representatives. "Probably we do," Cole answered. 

Issa rejoindered that he had been in touch with the deputy prime minister of Lebanon after accusations emerged that the official had given money to Hezbollah, warning that a senior member of Congress was only two degrees of separation from terrorists...."  the Guardian 

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