Tuesday, January 14, 2014

James Comey I Want the FBI to Know That I Sent the OPM a Letter About Getting A Security Clearance. I Want to Be an Investigator to STOP CEO's from Foreign Companies from Taking Taxpayer Money to Fuel Terrorism. Carlos Ghosn Does Deals with Iran and Putin. People at the DOD Want This STOPPED.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat  
Subject: Security Clearance Question from DOD Whistleblower-Involves Michael Vickers 
Date: January 14, 2014 11:53:51 AM CST
To: ******, ******, *****@DODIG.MIL"

Hello OPM

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I come from a family that was part of the Intelligence Community. In 2009 I was outed by executives at NISSAN for being a former CIA researcher - they cyberly "outed" me too by putting me in the global data base as the companies #2 security risk (FYI - I knew of issues involving the companies CEO's connections to CIA drug trafficking & Iran Contra issues. Also I was a spy for Nancy Reagan & I did research used to get America to support the Contras & to restore the reputation of Oliver North).  My life has been in danger since NISSAN outed me- I had not told the man I was married to for over a decade that I did the CIA research. Since I was outed I've had death threats & have been bullied-harrased. I need to get a job and have a normal life. My future ex husband is tired of having me stay at his house because he hates the CIA monitoring-cyber attacks etc. Also I had a bit of a "fling" with my Shadow Handler & I've been going to DC monthly to network for a job.  

I've applied to the CIA but was told that I "know too much intel to work at the CIA"….can someone explain that? 

Recenctly I attended a private event where everyone had high level security clearances and when I was asked about mine - I said "DNA"….   One of the men their was part of the 9-11 Commission.  Anyway I'm now looking for a legit CIA/DOD job and things that I know about are part of Operation Cyclone and Michael Vickers ran that & not all the deals were with America's friends & I told Oliver North "to his face" I did not like was he was doing.  Also, my memory from 20+ years ago is allies of George "H" Bush did not like the "ethics" of Michael Vickers - maybe my memory is wrong?  

President Obama put him in charge of intel & since President Ford told me over tacos (1 to 1) to be a "team player" I must RESPECT Mr. Vickers in his role.  I learned at the National Security ethics conference at the Ritz Carlton to respect the "office" ….

Added info: I did have contact with Operation Cyclone pilots (weird **** happened) I've know many that have died mysterious deaths. In December 1979 I was sent to boarding school and my roommate from El Salvador her family led death squads (remember the whacked priest in 1980?).  My family played a role in the "get rid of carter" op.  It's possible my bio dad did the deal directly with Khomeini.  Maybe Buck Revell will know?   Forgot to mention my uncle was Chief Pilot for Pan Am during the Lockerbie era. Also I traveled to the Middle East and met the most likely money launderer that worked with the Iranian National Guard. I was told you could not do a good cover up unless you had all the details. The DIA declassified stuff.. I was told by a DOD public affairs guy that what I write about is OK.  

Here's the question since what I "might" know is linked to deals that some might perceive as unethical YET the head of Defense Intelligence was in charge of the covert op. & made the decisions. Since I "might" know issues involving those that I perceive as terrorist will it be a problem?  

How can I be denied a job knowing about wrong doing if the guy in charge of US Intelligence led it?  

Also who do I complain about Michael Vickers "possible" relative Cal Vickers who "might" have been the one to have participated in the outing of me?  (In 2009 I was friends with the VP of purchasing for the Renault/NISSAN alliance-Cal Vickers interacted with her on a regular basis.  The woman's name is Catherine Perez and it's been said she's the ex Mistress of Carlos Ghosn he's Lebanese and is known as being a "middle-man" for France in weapons deals. Sarkozy used him a LOT).

Last thing- a DOD source told me about NISSAN tech being used for weapons & that taxpayer money was helping Iran & Putin create better weapons (which might NOT be an issue since my memories have America selling our enemies weapons DIRECTLY!!!) 
Too much info? 

Can you answer the question about the Security Clearance?  

Thank you & Respectfully Submitted

Sharyn Bovat


This issue is of urgent concern since I applied for a job with the Commerce IGO office it sounds like a good fit because I know a lot about companies that do unethical things & have contacts to help with investigations. There are a LOT of ethical people that want the corruption, fraud and bad behavior to stop. My goal to to get a job and if I can help make America better at the same time Win-Win:):)

What are the differences between Counterintelligence, Lifestyle, and Full Scope Polygraphs?

Within the context of security clearances, the purpose of a polygraph exam is to assist in determining whether or not an applicant can be trusted with sensitive information. Within DoD, polygraph screening exams used to determine initial eligibility for special assignment or special access are limited to two types of polygraph exams, and either one or both exams may be administered.

A Counterintelligence Polygraph is the most common type of polygraph exam. Counterintelligence Polygraph asks the candidate questions limited to those necessary to determine whether the examinee ever had any involvement with or knowledge of:
  • Espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Terrorist Activities
  • Deliberate damage of U.S. Government Information Systems
  • Intentional compromise of U.S. Government Classified Information
  • Secret contact with a foreign national or representative 

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