Friday, January 10, 2014

Google Translate is a GREAT Tool to Show the Harm Done by NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn & His Ties Linked to Lebanese Dirty Deals and Drug Trafficking..... Game On!!!!

I Told Tavares a LOT..... He listened and I Have PROOF!!!!

Carlos Ghosn Responsible for Renault Spy Scandal!!!

Le blog de Sharyn Bovat NISSAN dénonciateurs. Parce qu'elle whistleblew sur la fraude DOE, la discrimination et la corruption Sharyn Bovat a été victime d'intimidation et de harcèlement; "de combat" de Elle dos

The CIA after Watergate wanted to "control the media" & I was told that is WHY so few own the major media outlets in the english speaking countries. An "Alliance" was formed .... NOW with Google the "gig is up"... The CIA can't control the media... People tell me they don't trust the mainstream media and polls prove it's true... It's NOT just Rupert Murdoch is EVERYONE & that is scary!!!   

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