Thursday, January 9, 2014

Faxes Sent to FBI Todd McCall (Special Agent in Charge - Memphis), FBI Robert Holley (Special Agent in Charge - Chicago), DOD's Richard Leatherman of the Inspector General's Office, Brian Coleman of the US Attorneys office in Memphis & Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson... American Has a Good Ole Boy Network Linked to the Assassination of JFK, the Bullying of MLK, the Cover Up of the Lockerbie Bombing and "So Much More" .... The Group is Based in Tennessee & Have Control of the DOD Purse Strings and They Need to ACT ETHICALLY. They Let NISSAN a Foreign Compay Led by a CEO Linked to CIA Drug Trafficking Get Taxpayer Money and NISSAN Does Deals with IRAN... Well So Does the Family Business of the Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam... This is NOT a Coincidence. Mitt Romney Profits from IRAN. I Blew the Whistle on That and Had a Cyber Attack. I Want James Comey of the FBI to INSIST that My Computer Gets an Autopsy Its' Time for the Hardworking Taxpayers to Get RESPECT!!!!

Copy of letter that went to Tennessee Supreme Court
Copy of letter that went to Robert Holley of the FBI

 Copy of letter that went to Richard Leatherman of the DOD IGO

Copy of letter that went to Todd McCall of the FBI

The Good Ole Boy Network is linked to ex CIA were part of the Nazi protection/South American Dictator Recruitment program.

The Boston Bombing done "same day" as Haslam FBI raid... I've got intel that shows a connection.  I'm sure the FBI is researching...Right James Comey?  

A staffer of Michelle Bachmann told me some "weird stuff" a while back... ALL on my blogs....

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