Thursday, November 14, 2013

James Comey of the FBI the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Does Business with Our Enemies & He Bullied Me for Whistleblower Who Exposed NISSAN-Renault & Tennessee Governor Haslam PROFIT from IRAN.... Mitt Romney Too... Whistleblower Vindicated Renault Spies.... & Told that NISSAN Partnered with Mossad.

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Hi Sharyn,

Just read the article.  Exactly the type of thing we suspected was going on.  The good ole boys moved company money and state money offshore to muddy up the waters and then "redistribute" to themselves.  I hope it gets to the personal level.

I already had one bit of good Karma this year.  A jerk I worked with as a contractor to Falken didn't get his multi-million dollar contract renewed for this season.  I hope it continues!

James Comey - Lets Investigate the "off shore" money and ask NISSAN for an AUDIT.  Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, David Reuter & Erich Marx should be JAILED.   Abuse to a whistleblower happened!!!

Sharyn Bovat has webstats for the FBI so they can do a CRIMINAL investigation: She was jailed 3 times - 2 times for a crime that does not exist & 1 time for a crime with a MAXIMUM $50 fine.  Sharyn is INNOCENT of that BUT they jury had to find her guilty of "something"She "had to be guilty" of something... the ADA would not spend almost 2 years destroying Sharyn Bovat's reputation for no reason... would he?  oops he has a "conflict of interest" and Sharyn's ex lawyer never did anything...  So Sharyn was found guilty of  doing what the "occupy"protestors did and after a FULL jury trial had to pay the $50 fine. 

Did the Occupy protestors  in Tennessee suffer. NO they got their cases dropped and records EXPUNGED by the Governor.  The same one that Sharyn says makes $$$ like NISSAN from doing business with IRAN (via Vitol energy) . 

The whistleblower suffered WHY?   

Why did the ADA bring such a stupid case to trial UNLESS she did something is probably what the Jury thought.   

What Sharyn did was TELL the TRUTH about NISSAN committing FRAUD and NOW she wants her reputation and $50 back....

They even Hired a lawyer that works for Reagan Era Howard Baker to fight me KNOWING that I was lawyer-less- I could NOT get a lawyer in Tennessee due to a Good Ole Boy network.  LOTS of taxpayer money in "offshore accounts"

Below is an email from a blog viewer... Sharyn Bovat has AUDIO tapes of a worker being BULLIED on the "line" at the Smyrna plant. If YOUR a reporter that wants to do a story call Sharyn 615-944-7599.

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