Friday, November 15, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers Stephen Preston & Carlos Ghosn: I've Been Abused in Tennessee by NISSAN for Exposing Fraud- I Blogged That They Broke the Law By Doing Business with IRAN. Is James Comey of the FBI Investigating:):) After I Exposed Issues My Computer Was CYPER Attacked. This Was After I Learned Mitt Romney & the Haslam Family Profited from a Company that Skirts Iranian Sanctions: SInce 2010 I've Been Bullied in the Tennessee Courts that the Governor's Family Pilot Flying J Deals with IRAN via Vitol Energy & NISSAN Too & NOBODY Cares? Why? Well the Reason WHY Nobody Cares it's From a Deal Done During the 80's ..... I Learned My Lawyer Kline Preston (relative of Stephen Preston?) is Marsha Blackburn's PAC President and Linked to Haslam Family & Does Deals with Russia. NISSAN Was Doing Deal with Putin / Autovaz WHILE I was Bullied in Courts. Kline Preston Did NOT Tell Me NISSAN Hired Howard Baker's Firm... He Was a Reagan Big Wig Who KNOWS My Family.... My Mom Helped Get Reagan Elected by Being Part of the "Lets Keep the Hostages Until Carter is Out" Covert Op..... Huh.... I Sent Kline an Email Showing Him I Did CIA Research. Even Included a Picture I Took Of Oliver North. That Marine Told Me to Be Loyal to My Country and to Whom I Work For....? Since I Do NOT Have a Job - I'm Loyal to Restoring My Reputation. By Whistle-blowing About DOD Issues I'm Being Loyal to My Country- Just Heard from a GOPer that Said- If Howard Baker & the Iran Contra Crowd is Letting YOU Be Abused then YOU Have Permission to TALK. ****Nancy Reagan KNEW She Was Lied to By Oliver North.... Guess Who Did the RESEARCH.... GAME ON!!!! ****

Looks like Howard Baker & His Friends are STILL Doing Deals with Iran: It's kind of HYPOCRITICAL? 

Mitt Romney & Jimmy Haslam PROFIT from Iran...via Vitol Energy and Mike Loya: My "thought" is it's NOT fair if ONLY select people can profit from a market - Either ALL can do deals or NONE.   I was told because IRAN can't sell oil illegally to Vitol via Switzerland that Iran is NOW at the table for Peace talks...  

NOTE to NISSAN - If I can get a FAIR Trial I want to Mediate- I don't want $$$ I want my Reputation.  It's time YOU treated the whistleblower with RESPECT!!!

Did I tell you that a guy that designs DRONE parts talked to me about 18 months ago?  

Sharyn picture with TOP Nissan executives and learned from Catherine Perez in winter 2009 that the company had a MAJOR cashflow problem & was doing something "desperate" to stay afloat. Then she was told Dominique Thormann was taking over 1 Billion dollars to build a car with "90's" technology & they knew it was "built to fail".... In fact the car at the time cost 80k +/- each to make (that is down to 60k +/- still the battery degragates and NISSAN promised to build 150,000 leafs a year and 200,000 batteries.  Today they sell the car at 1/2 the cost to build on top of that LOTS of tax credits are given...
NISSAN is working on better technology using American scientist & programers in the Silicon Valley.  The problem is "that technology is used in weapons systems...& drones  I wonder if Putin's NEW drone is gonna have NISSAN technology?   The new head of NISSAN North American is a "foreign" born Nuclear scientist?   


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