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James Comey the FBI Needs to Interrogate Carlos Ghosn "Many" Reason. NISSAN Just Announced that Mexico is NEW HUB for Car Manufacturing - They Kept Telling TN Politicians it Would Be TN. - NISSAN Has Still Has NOT Paid Back 4 Billion + IDB Debt. That Does NOT Include 1.4 Billion Dept. of Energy Loan That's Collateral is a 2 Billion Taxpayer Backed IDB Bond. Carlos Ghosn Got This Even Though Renault/NISSAN Do Business with IRAN? I Was Told "That's Illegal".....

(Reuters) - Nissan Motor Co Ltd (7201.T) will build 1 million cars in Mexico by 2016, cementing the country's position as the export hub for the Japanese automaker in the Americas, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn told Reuters as he inaugurated a $2 billion plant.
Most of the cars from the new plant in Aguascalientes in central Mexico will be sent by rail to destinations throughout North and South America.

I told ya'll NISSAN was NOT going to bring the jobs PROMISED to Tennessee.  They "most likely" did not use a 2 Billion dollar taxpayer backed IDB bond as the collateral (like they did in Smyrna for the 1.4 Billion DOE loan).   Click Here to Read NISSAN's about Excessive Bond Debt 

Years ago I blogged that "this" would happen.  Click Here to Read More about Jobs NOT Happening 

Bill Krueger and Susan Brennan say " 85% of the cars sold in the USA will be built in North America" and THAT mean "built in Mexico".... How much money did Haslam give NISSAN "this year"....   Click Here to Read Post About NISSAN SVP Lying about Job Creation

Nissan got 50 TIMES more than other companies to relocated it's HQ to Tennessee (see the facts below and those jobs promised did NOT come) and then they "doubled down" on the EV plant. & Carlos Ghosn has said publicly "sales are WAY BELOW expectation".... NISSAN promised to build 150,000 Leaf EV's a year & 200,000 EV batteries.  NISSAN executives KNEW before they took the Dept. of Energy loan funded by the Federal Financing bank that the project would "fail" they needed the cash in 2009 because they had a "cash flow problem. Click Here Worse- they gave contracts to their friends and funeled the money "most likely" in off shore accounts see below email from a "source" 

On Jan 5, 2011, at 3:42 PM, ************* wrote:

Hi Sharyn,

Just read the article.  Exactly the type of thing we suspected was going on.  The good ole boys moved company money and state money offshore to muddy up the waters and then "redistribute" to themselves.  I hope it gets to the personal level.

I already had one bit of good Karma this year.  A jerk I worked with as a contractor to Falken didn't get his multi-million dollar contract renewed for this season.  I hope it continues!

James Comey - Lets Investigate the "off shore" money and ask NISSAN for an AUDIT.  Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, David Reuter & Erich Marx should be JAILED.   Abuse to a whistleblower happened!!!

Gannett KNEW That Sharyn Bovat was being abused as a Whistleblower and stayed silent

For NISSAN to  get MORE taxpayer money when they have a "track record of NOT honoring their commitments.  A guy in NISSAN management came up to me in a parking lot and said: 831.... I was huh... he said YOUR right they lied about all the jobs in the HQ all we have is 831 and it looks like their outsourcing more jobs.  Speaking of outsourcing some people were relocated to Tennessee and the Veeps know that about 80 employees would lose their job within a year.  So these people that uprooted their  families became unemployed. Their jobs  to India.  NISSAN Vp's had interviewed their replacements BEFORE they left California.... It's disgusting!!!

Lots of people spoke to me....  people that were abused for being a woman, gay and Jewish. They were discriminated against by NISSAN HR....  People in the State of Tennessee did NOT care.  Racism is common in this state.  It DISGUSTS ME.   The discriminated is real.....  

People know that a Good Ole Boy network dominates NISSAN... they fear them.  I'm the only one that had the balls to look them in the face and ask WHY were they wasting taxpayer money?  They did not like me for questioning their ethics.   ALL I want is for NISSAN to Mediate and to get the fuck out of Tennessee.. I have NO Respect for this state of corruption.

  Look at how much taxpayer cash they got.  My name is Sharyn Bovat and I got in trouble for speaking out on "how they were spending our taxpayer money.   Want to hear about YOUR tax dollars funding my hunt to find a spa for Oxygen Facials?  

Back to Me (writter a LONG time ago)

NISSAN delayed responding to a Malicious prosecution case about the bullying of the whistleblower filed in JULY.   Then they respond just weeks before the election.  They worded their response in a way that SLANDERS me.

FYI... almost every paragraph they say i was arrested for Stalking/harassment.  YES!!!  I was on "trumped up charges" TWICE and BOTH times the charges got dropped.  THAT IS WHY I FILED the MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.

Now my friend Mark Silverman says they "most likely" did it on purpose so if a news agency looks at NISSAN's response they'll read about how a jury indicted me. In Tennessee Grand Jury's are known to indict ANYTHING!!!

If a reporter wants a copy of the transcripts of the Jury trial of a 1st time misdemeanor call Sharyn 615-944-7599.

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