Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bill Krueger When are YOU Going to Admit that When YOU Say 85% of the Cars Sold in America Will be Built in North America INCLUDES Mexico. Seriously...Start Telling the TRUTH. I Hear from YOUR Employees the Workers in Mexico are BETTER Than Mississippi. So Maybe it's A Good Business Decision? Someone Tell Governor Bill Haslam He Owes Me a Thank You Note. I Told Tavares to Bring the Rogue to Tennessee Becuase the Leaf Was Going to Be a FLOP... This is in 2011.... wow!!!

Below is a screen shot from my website Girl in the Black Honda.  Would anyone like to see my email to Carlos Tavares telling him to bring the Rogue to TN?   The Japanese had ALREADY decided to have it build in Mississippi..... The Wall St. Journal reported that.... 

"The expansion marks another growth spurt for the Smyrna plant, which currently has more than 5,000 workers on-site at the plant. The company announced that the Rogue would be adding Rogue production in Smyrna in early 2011...."

FYI - It was ME Who Told Tavares to Bring the jobs to Tennessee... I Said "Since the Leaf would be a flop you need to bring the Rogue"  I have the email and I blogged about it, a long time ago.

When is Governor Haslam going to thank me?

I Told Tavares
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