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Cindy Estrada of the UAW I Tell My West Coast Viewers: Yes the Problem is "This" Bad..... This is WHY an AEI Loving Free-market Moderate Republican Thinks NISSAN Needs a Union: The UAW Needs to Win the Battle of The South.... Racism is Ramped & the Retaliation for Whistle-blowing InHumane:

 “Fear, intimidation and even racism is a part of that plant every day. We go through a lot of that,” said Chris Milton a 10-year veteran of the plant who works on the assembly line that stamps vehicles........      “What really got me was a lot of White guys came up to me and said, ‘Chris that is some really racial stuff,’” said Milton. “You know when White people come to you and tell you that something racial is happening to you, it’s a big problem...."   Freddie Allen


Nobody in Tennessee "cared" about the fraud and discrimination that Sharyn Bovat whistle blew about: Because of her blog people from the Dept. of Defense gave her MORE data and that proved that what NISSAN was doing was not only hurting humanity BUT their global deals with Putin and Khomeini hurt America.  A lot of Good Ole Boys have kids in the Army ... maybe NOW they will "wake up" and see the monster they have created? 

Whistleblower FACT Check:

 discriminated... internal statistics show women in management were 20.9% in 2006 and 10% in 2009 the year Sharyn Bovat whistle blew.
NISSAN “really did” take 1.4 billion DOE dollars for car that they knew would fail. A NISSAN executives communicated to the whistleblower that NISSAN could not pay all their debt. NISSAN used a 2 Billion Dollar IDB bond (backed by the American taxpayers for the collateral. How did it get approved? 
NISSAN has almost 4 billion in Rutherford County IDB bond debt: insiders at the company know their working for a figurative “Greece”. Bovat testified at the Tennessee state capital COJ hearing that NISSAN employees told her of problems because they did not like seeing their company commit fraud against America. They know the operating margins. The DOE loan & IDB bond money will never be paid back. 
After Sharyn Bovat testified at the State capital NISSAN got more bond money...   The Tennessee politician KNEW: Knowing the problem those on the the judicial comm
ittee STILL let her suffer in the courts.    Sharyn can prove it... call her 615-944-7599

NISSAN’s  does Business with IRAN. Why did the DOE loan 1.4 Billion using the Treasury Bank to a company that has an “alliance” with a country that wants to kill American? 

NISSAN   Car parts are used in weapons systems: NISSAN is in a partnership with Putin and Autovaz and Carlos Ghosn has said NISSAN will share technology with the Russian company.   NISSAN opened a technology center is and hiring American scientiest and engineers using American taxpayer money: the American innovations & technology beakthroughs paid for by the taxpayers will be easily shared with America's enemies - Iran.  

That said:  The United Nations listened about the "humanity" issues.  They truly deserve to be the policeman for corporate humanitarian oversight in this new globalized world.  Seems like the Shareholders on the topic of human right "dropped the ball".... Lets get a committee & give the United Nations power to "really" sanction companies like NISSAN that are "unethical" in their actions.
Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Asks United Nations to Investigate NISSAN for Violating the UN Compact - Fears CIA Bullying is Happening
Date: December 14, 2012 11:26:09 AM CST

To the United Nations

My name is Sharyn Bovat & I'm the NISSAN Whistleblower.  I told the truth about discrimination, corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money that was being done by NISSAN North America.

Because I come from a family that was known for being in the intelligence community I've scared the "bad doers" at NISSAN and they have bullied, jailed, slandered, harassed, and now it looks like the American CIA has conspired against me.  

Next week I'm asking Canada for political asylum. Unless you have a county that has a better "climate" that might offer refuge?

2 years AFTER working with my lawyer fighting "trumped up" charges that I told him stemmed from my "previous" CIA research and the cover up of the Lockerbie Bombing(2010 I told Kline Preston that Iran was responsible for the crash). I found out LAST WEEK that my attorney's brother was the TOP lawyer (Stephen Preston) of the CIA.  

2 days AFTER that I found that out I blog about it.  
FYI - I had not blogged about my attorney UNITIL I was told this information.  

2 days later Kline Preston my lawyer told me that "it was a joke" ... so I told him that once he sends me a "notarized" affidavit saying that Stephen Preston is NOT his brother then I will take the topic off my blog. Also, on the blog it tells Stephen Preston to have someone contact me to "clarify"..... 

    ► 3:35

For 19 months I suffered charges in the Tennessee courts.  

One charge was dismissed in the sumer of 2010 was then brought back in a "secret" grand jury.  They used an email about my personal life to indict me on the previously dismissed charge.  The people in Tennessee are VERY conservative and do not like what they call my "California morals" that charge was then dismissed again in February 2012. 

The ONLY thing I was found guilty of (& I still claim my innocence) is the lowest level misdemeanor that had a maximum penalty of $50. It's = to a speeding ticket.  

Bottom line :  I was "set up" to be discredited.  I fear that the CIA wanted that to happen.  The courts in Tennessee let it happen.
I'm terrified!!!

Get this: The charge that was dropped twice was for "email" stalking (harassment) because I sent email to NISSAN executives telling them to NOT discriminate and waste taxpayer money NISSAN "swore out" warrants and had me jailed 3 times.  The abuse I've had in Tennessee is REAL. If you look at how the response was written by Baker Donelson a Tennessee firm you will see that NISSAN clearly uses the words "stalking" over and over again. That is something I did NOT do. To this day with their response on file I'm STILL being slandered in the courts.  I'm unemployable while this is happening. I've had to give up custody of my child. Any reporter that will do a story I will provide FULL transcripts and documents.  I have NOTHING to hide.

They took away my constitutional rights and I'm fighting for my dignity and for RESPECT for ALL People. 

This weekend I'm preparing a formal complaint against NISSAN Motors for violating the Compact that they signed.  

It's important that "respect" for humanity happen in America too and by the way the CEO Carlos Ghosn is connected to Iran Contra profiteers and the Lockerbie cover up.   It's complicated but I'm sure YOU at the United Nations can assist me.

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

Looks like the truth might  come out. Even members of the mainstream media that NISSANgave "kickbacks" to so they would NOT tell the story of discrimination, corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money.  They violated the UN Compact the signed... I'm gonna inform the people in NYC. 

Sir, to people that care about humanity owning an Infiniti is NOTworth selling ones soul.

The copy of the letter above is a response from the UN: The United Nations Responded and then looked for way to "take action" ... Thank You!!!

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