Friday, October 25, 2013

James Clapper TURN on the IC IGO Fax Machine.... HELLO.- Can YOU Hear Me? Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO is Linked to Evil Twisted People. American Tax Dollars are Fueling the Iranian Economy. NISSAN Shares Technology USED in Weapons Systems....

NISSAN  I was "vetted"...  &
if you think Americans will buy cars from a company "linked" to a 25 year old terrorist act... then YOUR stupid... All that needs to happen is for the IC IGO to "turn on their fax machine"....

Then I can expose YOUR CEO Carlos Ghosn for "who" he's connected to.   

What the ****   Guess James Clapper did NOT get the memo that the government shutdown is OVER!!!!!

Seriously... is "this" how a super power operates?
Coverpage: Here's a copy of the request I sent to the CIA IGO about a year ago. It was emailed to the DOD IGO and NOW I would like the iC IGO to look at it. To have American taxpayer money being given to a foreign company that shares it's technology with Putin and Iran and for this problem to be KNOWN by members of Congress and for the funding to continue is totally unacceptable to the theory of Common Sense. Please call me with any questions. attached is a recent motion filed in Tennessee - my "ex lawyer" did NOT tell me that Howard Baker from the Reagan era was the Senior partner of Baker Donelson - this is a factor because I had told him I was being retaliated against for whistleblower due to my CIA past... FYI I'm a former spy of Nancy Reagan & in 1992 when visiting the Middle East I "most likely" met the Palestinian money launderer that worked with the Iranian National Guard in reference to the Lockerbie Bombing - the motive was "most likely retaliation for the July 1988 downing of an Iranian civilian aircraft. NOW I fear that those doing the Pan Am flight 103 "guest list" wanted certain whistleblowers on the plane. I say this due to the fact I've been bullied and terrorized by people linked to CIA drug trafficking. FHI- I met people in Honduras that were connected to CIA backed drug cartels. I will take a lie detector test. I have talked to Senate Intelligence Committee staffers... Attached is my recent brochure...

When James Clapper "turns on the IC fax" then the Lockerbie Bombing truth might be exposed Americans will NOT buy NISSAN..... 

Good Ole Boys that discriminate - I'm gonna FIGHT until I get my reputation back... that & RESPECT for the taxpayers.  Give US out 1.4 Billion and figure out have your gonna pay back you "other" 4 Billion IDB Bond tab. 

Also to the Mainstream Media that FAVORS the rich and ignores the oppressed.... **** YOU!!!!
Gracia Martore & Bob Dickey of Gannett YOU represent what's WRONG with Journalism.


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