Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gannett's Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore are NOT the ONLY Problem with the Mainstream Media - Look at Jeffrey Toobin.... Along with Rhori Johnston Too.... I Have PROOF That He Emailed Me That Vaccinations Turn People Into Zombies.... HELLO and People Think I'm Into Conspiracies.... Maybe the Lockerbie Bombing Was Just a Cover Up Gone Wild? Lets Ask Buck Revell and Frank Duggan About the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103? I'm Sure Jeffry Toobin KNOWS Iran Was Involved. I've Already Talked to a Producer From CNN.... That Piers Morgan Guy Seems to Be the Gatekeeper for the British Tony Blair Loving Elite... His Rating are Crap and They Keep Him...Why? Now That Could Be a Conspiracy. Rhori Johnston Would BE Much Better Than Mr. Piers Morgan... At Least He's Got PERSONALITY:):)

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Clink link for post about Rhori... More on his "vampire" comment closer to Halloween.

Mainstream Media 

YOU Tell me my issue is NOT important?

Nissan Whistleblower: DOD Whistleblower Says Stop Carlos Ghosn ...

.Oct 6, 2013 - DOD Whistleblower Says Stop 
Carlos Ghosn From SharingTechnology with IRAN 
& Putin.... 

The PRESS seems to be the Guardian of the Emerald City Gates: 

Orders are nobody can see the 

Great Oz! Not nobody, not nohow!

America is "waking up" and they don't trust you... that could be WHY Gannett's ad revenue is sinking faster than the titanic?

Maybe ya'll are dancing the Haslam Hustle?

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